The first attempt of the Russian authorities to legalize self-employed people has failed, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the Federal tax service (FNS) received business Ombudsman Boris Titov, for the first three months of the rules of the Tax code notification-based procedure for obtaining the status of self-employed this opportunity in Russia have used only 40 people.

On the account in tax authorities for the first quarter of 2017 was delivered 27 Russian citizens and 13 foreigners. Thus, according to experts, in the gray and black sector now busy from 15 million to 22 million people.
Most complaints recorded in the Belgorod region (five notifications on cleaning services, four – in tutoring). In Moscow, with a population of 12 million people filed two notices on cleaning services and one – to tutoring and Babysitting.

From 2017 act two-year tax holidays for self-employed people who will declare themselves to the tax authorities but at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, this provision has been extended only into three categories – nurses and nannies, Tutors, housekeepers.

The Institute of self-employed was considered as an alternative to more complex patent system of taxation, only having registered as the individual entrepreneur. However, according to data obtained by the edition in the Department of economic policy of Moscow, despite the overall increase in the number of patents breakthrough in the legalization is not present here.

The value of a patent for nannies, cleaners and repeaters in the capital is 19.8 thousand rubles a year, moreover, must pay insurance contributions (a minimum 27,99 thousand rubles in 2017). In Moscow last year was bought only 1.3 thousand patents for services, tutoring, 211 patents on the services of nannies and caregivers, 79 patents for cleaning services premises.

Boris Titov told the newspaper that “the introduction of this institution to date has failed”. According to him, the law in the form in which it was adopted, does not solve the main problem – is not conducive to the mass release of millions of self-employed from the shadows.

The business Ombudsman is promoting its own version of legalization: registration of self-employed in “one window” as entrepreneurs without legal entity formation with a single payment of 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles per year.

The self-employed status is not yet legally defined. The Ministry of justice in a report prepared on behalf of Vladimir Putin, defined as self-employed citizens systematically on their own and earning on the provision of services and execution of works for individuals. a citizen shall not be registered as individual entrepreneur and may not have employees. However, if it will include this language in the law, is unclear.

The Finance Ministry insists that the tax issues self-employed after 2018 can be solved only after a precise determination of their status. In FNS do not undertake to assess the effectiveness of the proposed rules on the self-employed.

Legalization did not take place: three months in Russia, from the shadows came only 40 self-employed 19.05.2017

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