On Wednesday, the Leningrad regional court has sentenced 32-year-old former rector of St. Petersburg state University of service and Economics (Spbguse) Vasily V. Solovyov, according to the official website of the Department. He was accused of organizing the murder of the former boss – rector Alexander Viktorov.

Vasily Solovyov was released from custody Monday, when 10 of 12 jurors found him not guilty. The Russian court also dismissed the civil claims of compensation for moral damages lodged in a criminal case the victims Viktorov V. A., Viktorova E. V., Ushakova, M. A. (son, daughter and wife killed). Relatives of the rector was requested to collect from the defendant of 350 million rubles, writes “Fontanka.ru” with reference to the lawyer Murad Musayev.

According to investigators, the rector of the University Alexander Viktorov has issued a number of statements of claim about collecting of the damage caused to the University. Defendants were made by organizations belonging to Vasily Solovyov.

The reason for litigation was the payment of money for the education of students and the exclusion of firms Solovyov real estate, reported RIA “Novosti”.

Investigators believed that the financial conflict Solovyov and Viktorova was the cause of the murder of the rector. Implementing the plans, former Vice-Chancellor suggested to his friend Vitaly Kovalev to take part in the murder for remuneration in the amount of not less than 30 thousand euros, and for the transfer of the property in St. Petersburg. Agreed, Kovalev was brought in as co-executors of his friends, Vyacheslav Makarov and Andrey Eliseev, claimed the investigators.

“For two weeks the artists, selecting the place of residence of his victim, studied the daily routine Viktorova, schemes of movement, and also carefully planned the crime, – was stated in the press release of the RF IC. – Kovalev preiskel the gun with the device for silent shooting and cartridges to it”.

During examination it is established that the gun used to murder and similar in appearance to the PM, was originally gas. However, by replacing the standard barrel on a rifle it was turned into a military weapon.

On 5 September 2012 Yeliseyev and Makarov to commit the murder arrived in the city of Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region, having a gun, provided Kovalev. Elisha entered the territory of the plot N6 on Berry lane, where Viktorov lived, and, after his return home, fired at least five shots at the victim. From the received wounds the rector died on the spot.

Elisha also wounded the wife of Alexander Viktorov, so she did not prevent him to escape from the scene. After that, the killer left the household and left the car running Makarov.

Add that killed Alexander Viktorov in 2004-2008 he served as head of the city Committee on science and higher school.

In September 2012, when he was killed Viktorov, Makarov and Kovalyov began to prepare for another similar crime. “However, they are unable to accomplish his criminal intent, as he was detained by law enforcement officers”, – told in the RF IC.

In 2014 held the first hearing on the case of murder about. Then the jury acquitted Kovalev, but he was detained in the framework of another criminal case and escorted to Moscow. Later the Supreme court overturned the acquittal for the murder of the rector, and sent the materials on new consideration.

At the end of may 2015 at new trial, the jury unanimously found Vitaly Kovalev guilty and not deserving indulgence, and the court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 17 years of imprisonment. Earlier also was sentenced Vyacheslav Makarov and Andrey Eliseev, received nine and 13 years of strict regime colony, respectively.

The last of the defendants appeared before the court of the Nightingale. He was charged with part 3 of article 33, paragraph “b, h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Organization of murder for hire that is associated with office activity of the victim”). For his defense the man used the fact that his conflict with Viktorov was known to others. According to the logic of Solovyov, it would be unwise of him to give the order to the killer about the murder Viktorov, if the ex-Vice President became the Prime suspect.

Leningrad regional court acquitted the former Vice rector of Spbguse accused of murder of the rector 17.11.2016

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