The majority of Russians see the country signs the economic crisis, and most of them are sure that it will be a long-term, reports “Interfax” with reference to the results of the September survey of”Levada-Center”.

77% of respondents believe that the country’s economic crisis. Not agree with this statement 17% of respondents.

Those who see Russia as the economic crisis, confident that it will be long term: a year and a half (23%) or at least two years (24%). Another 23% say that “the crisis will be very long, its effects will be felt for many years.” At the same time, only 4% of Russians “give” to the crisis half a year 1% – two or three months.

The causes of the crisis, 34% of respondents see it mainly in external factors (global economic slowdown, the fall in oil prices, etc.), 26% link it with the internal situation (structure of the Russian economy, too much state influence on the economy, etc.), said the Agency sociologists. Just over a third (36%) believe that the crisis caused by a combination of both factors.

Assessing government policy, in particular, the measures it is taking to combat the financial crisis, inflation and unemployment, 57% of respondents said that it copes with these tasks medium. A third (32%) believe that the Cabinet is doing is bad, and 7%, on the contrary, what is good.

In addition, according to half of Russians (51%), the nature of everyday consumption (food, consumption of basic necessities, medicines, travel, etc.) in their family during the past 12 months has not changed. However, 42% said it deteriorated, and only 5% noted improvement.

The choice of goods and services in the place where I live 67% of respondents in the last six months remained the same as I was before. 23% reported that the choice has narrowed, and 5% that they became more.

The survey also showed that for the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro constantly watch less than two thirds of Russians, including 27% do it approximately once a week, 17% once in two weeks or less, 15% several times a week. Not interested in exchange rates 41% of respondents.

“Levada-Center”: a majority of Russians foresee a long-term crisis 12.10.2015

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