The November data of the survey “Levada-Center” showed that the activities of
Vladimir Putin President of Russia does not approve of only 14%
the Russians, and approve of 86%, which is the highest result since 2008
year. Results published on Wednesday, November 23, on the website of the organization.

A month earlier, the activities of Putin, according to the survey “Levada-Center”, was approved by 84%, which was marked as the maximum value for the year.

In 2008, the Commission approved the same at 86%, close to that
result (85%) figures showed polls 2015 and 2014. Level
approval decreased significantly in 2012 (63%) and 2013 (61%).

56% of respondents believe that things in the country are going in the right
direction, 26% said the impasse, a further 18% were undecided.
More confident choice of path in the history of the survey was only in November
2014 (year of the annexation of Crimea to Russia), when agreed 59%

The activities of Dmitry Medvedev on a post of the Chairman of the government
approved 52% did not approve 47%, the activity of the government as a whole –
appreciate 50%, negative – 49%. The activities of the local authorities approved 56% did not approve 43%. More critical participants of the survey were to the State Duma. It may not like 54%, and like 44%.

Respondents were also asked an open question with a proposal to name
5-6 politicians who they trust. The majority (59%) called Putin.
The second most popular (27%) was the Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu,
third – foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (25%). The top five also included
Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Dmitry Medvedev. 5% of respondents
enrolled in the policy of Patriarch Kirill. None of the Russian politicians
trusted by 14% of respondents, while 11% said they are not interested in

The survey was conducted 18 – 21 Nov 2016 representative
nationwide sample of urban and rural population among 1600
people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements 48
regions of the country. The study is conducted in the home of Respondent’s method
personal interview.

In November, two-thirds of Russians (63%) expressed
for a new presidential term of Putin. This is almost two times more than
it was four years ago, when people were willing to see Putin as President
in 2018 was 34%. In 2014, there were 58%.

“Levada-Centre”: the Case of Putin’s favor, 86% of Russians 24.11.2016

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