The leader of the group of “saboteurs” from Russia, who was eliminated during a special operation in Kyiv, was 50-the summer inhabitant of Donetsk, “known under the names of Oleg and Sergey Muzhchil Amirov,” reports “ЛІГА.net”.

According to the publication, Marcil previously been banned in Russia as extremist organization “Right sector”. Meanwhile, in the “Right sector” stated that he had interrupted him with any contact in the summer. In the security services claim that the victim “was wholly ofasbestos”. According to the “ЛІГА.net” Marcil repeatedly came to the territory of the Russian Federation, using three passports in different names.

Earlier in the SBU said about the death of the fighter of special forces “alpha” and “Russian saboteur” during a special operation in Kyiv, held late in the evening of 9 December . As noted in the Department, was “suppressed the activity of sabotage-intelligence group, which operated in several cities of Ukraine, including Kiev”. According to the SBU, one of the members of DRG fought back with automatic weapons, wounding two employees of special forces “alpha”, and was eliminated.

It was also reported that during the arrest were seized a large Arsenal of weapons: eight curb improvised explosive devices, four kilograms of TNT, grenades 40, two thousand rounds. Chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk reported that the head of the DRG was a citizen of Ukraine.

According to “ЛІГА.net” on the whole has been detained seven members of the Russian DRG. Eighth – the leader of a DRG – was killed. Three of the detainees – citizens of the Russian Federation, the others – citizens of Ukraine. The names of the Russians is not known. The sources denied the earlier version about the Caucasian trace.

Liquidated in Kiev “saboteur” was a member of the “Right sector”, says the press 11.12.2015

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