In London, passengers number of airports experienced long delays due to a failure in the computer system, British Airways, and also due to the protest at the airport city. The exact number of victims is not reported, but reports of delays caused by the failure of a computer system carrier, come from all over the world, reports Reuters.

Problems, the airline originated in the night of Tuesday, September 6. On the website of the company it is reported that a failure of the passenger check-in for flights takes more time than usual.

Manual BA brought to passengers apologize for the inconvenience. The message mentions the problems encountered in the Heathrow and Gatwick, but not a word about other airports. Meanwhile, according to the BBC, reports of similar problems have come from passengers in the US and Canada. Citizens posted messages on social networks. According to these reports, failures in the system BA has led to long delays for flights at airports in San Francisco, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago.

It’s fair to say there are major problems across the #USA with #BA – from a friend at #Dulles #DC #British Airways

London airports experienced long delays due to a computer crash and protests 07.09.2016

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