The case involving the death of 25-year-old American student Colin Madsen, who died in the Tunka valley in Eastern Sayan mountains, can take an unexpected turn. As reported by The Daily Mail, the mother of the deceased in Buryatia Americans believes that her son could have been murdered but the official version of death – only cover for local police.

According to the official version of law enforcement, Madsen died from hypothermia, which is received in a condition of narcotic intoxication. However, many details say that it could kill. So, the pathologist discovered “suspicious marks” on the body of a student, besides, traces of drugs were found.

“His mother, 55-year-old Dan Madsen-Calcutt, said that traces suggest that an American who studied at the University in Siberia, suffered blunt force trauma to the head. She believes that the new autopsy studies, which are now give convincing proof of the version that her son was killed, and employees of the Russian law enforcement bodies tried to conceal the murder,” reads the article, which quotes InoPressa.

Recall that Madsen went missing in March 2016. His body was found on April 4, eight days after his disappearance. On the deceased there was almost no warm clothing, he was also not wearing laced shoes. It was not socks. “The year before Colin had bilateral surgery on his ankle, and he had not gone far on foot without socks, – says his mother. And the shoes were absolutely clean, I can add”.

She also announced that the tests of the remains of her son, conducted in the USA showed no evidence of drug use, and if the initial Tox screens in Russia was not found significant traces of marijuana or synthetic drugs, which he, according to the Investigative Committee supposedly took.

Allegations of drug use – “lie, an attempt to divert attention from the incident,” said the woman. This version does not explain who “they beat him with a blunt object or left the same marks around both wrists” or who “hit him on the head,” According to American women, “local Russians mistakenly believed her son and his companions homosexuals, and it could be an additional reason for the attack”.

According to Madsen-Calcutt when she arrived in Russia (before her son’s body was found), she was “extremely alarming conversation with a police officer.” “It’s all seething with hatred and contempt, because they thought that these guys should not have to live in a hotel together, without girls and without alcohol. He tried to persuade me to claim that Colin liked boys, he was interested in how much money he was spending per month and where they were taken. When I was exhausted and fell into complete bewilderment, told him that Colin at home has a girlfriend and saw an open fear,” said she.

It is also worth adding that the remains of the Madsen found at least 1.5 kilometers from the village where he stayed with friends, while an active search was conducted more than a week. According to the mother of the deceased, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow sent the Russian authorities four diplomatic notes, which have not received appropriate response.

Lost in Buryatia American student could be killed, said his mother, suspecting the Russian police in covering up the crime 18.10.2016

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