Home 15-year-old cat named sissy, lost in the city of St. Gallen in northeast Switzerland at the end of August 2015, after 13 months, in September of 2016, was found in 600 kilometers away in German Bonn, writes the Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten.

A cat who’s never left home, disappeared on 28 August, and the family suspected that she was abducted. 51-year-old owner of the animal Should Fitsi really cried and even cried. She says she called off the search after three months: “We were looking for sissy everywhere, last winter we have lost hope and never thought to see her again.”

The other day a cat was discovered in Germany in Bonn in North Rhine – Westphalia. “A local resident called us and said that the animal needs help, because it is malnourished and full of fleas and ticks,” said Suzanne Wanninger working in the local animal welfare Katzenschutz Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. The cat was taken to the vet who found her microchip with a digital country code and unique code of the animal.

“The cat was very light, weighed only about two kilograms,” – said Wanninger German newspaper Express. Sissi the cat on the standards came into old age, she’s deaf and she has almost no teeth. Animal rights activists have informed the owners about the discovery and posted on the page of the cat shelter in Facebook photos, which Should Fitsi immediately recognized your pet.

“I knew immediately that this was our Cissy. The whole family was delighted. Cat Max too, of course. Earlier they always played together,” said the mistress.

It remains a mystery how a house cat survived on the street, and made a long journey to Bonn. Between the two cities is about six hours drive away. “I can’t imagine what Cissy was 600 kilometers,” says the hostess, which suggests that the animal climbed into a car or hiding it from someone.

The family will go to Bonn on Saturday, October 1 to pick up the cat. “Don’t know how she will react seeing us,” said the hostess, who intends to buy one for sissy and max collars with GPS system.

Lost in Switzerland a cat a year later was stationed in Germany for 600 miles from home 30.09.2016

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