Accused of receiving a bribe ex-the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh said at the interrogation on Wednesday, September 13, Presnensky court, which transferred money to charity, and criticizing the logic of the Prosecutor, remembered Yury Detochkin – character of the film Eldar Ryazanov “Beware of the car”, stole cars from people with “unearned income” and transfer money to the accounts of orphanages.

According to TASS, according to the judge, White has not enough money for three lawyers, so that his interests were represented by one lawyer Andrei Screens. “The fact that Nikita Jurevich has not paid lawyers Marina Yarosh and Dmitry Kudryashov, the contract with them was terminated. I ask you to leave the room,” said the judge, Tatiana vasyuchenko, turning to the defenders.

Lawyer Andrew Trammel said that White has founded and funded two charity Fund – Vyatskiy Fund for cooperation and development and the Fund for the support of the Governor of the Kirov region. “Where is the logic in my actions, according to the prosecution, if I took bribes and spent on charity the same amount? What’s selfish intent?” – the defendant said (quoted by TASS).

“There were many forms of charity which are not reflected in the documents,” – said the ex-Governor. “When it comes to transparency and openness, many things become more difficult with limited budget. So I have taken a decision, in particular that no monument, no small architectural form in the Kirov region will not be built for the budget. I’ve made decisions that no professional sports team, no matter how popular it will not be funded through the budget,” explained White.

He stated that he did not buy expensive things and not had undeclared property. “I had no illusions about the region. So what is the logic in the accusation, if I took the money – $ 18 million rubles and the same amount of money spent on charity? You can remember Yuri Detochkin, but it’s not going to fight neither the date nor the sum”, – quotes White , RIA “Novosti”.

“When I came to the office of the Governor, I decided to abandon the new expensive Lexus car, which was on the balance of the region, this car sold at auction”, – he said.

He said that the decision on inclusion of the enterprises in the priority investment project takes the Ministry of industry and trade. “Most importantly, demonstrating a lack of understanding by investigators of the process, when they say that White made the decisions. No, White just signed the government’s decision that an act of collective decision, and its approval is required approval by all members of the government of the region”, – said the ex-Governor.

White added that he personally made changes to investment projects, to avoid complaints from regulatory bodies. “90% of projects implemented with the aberrations,” he added.

Presnensky court of Moscow on 20 September at 12:00 will continue the interrogation of the former Governor of the Kirov region, said the judge Tatiana vasyuchenko.

Nikita Belykh was arrested
24 June 2016 at a restaurant in Moscow when receiving a bribe. According
The RF IC, he personally and through the intermediary received a total of 400 thousand
Euro. The next day, White was arrested by decision of the Basmanny court.
He was charged with part 6, item 290 (“bribe reception in especially large
size”) the criminal code. The second case about a bribe in 200 thousand Euro was instituted
in respect of White March 9, 2017, to March 22, the two cases combined.
The former head of the Kirov region does not admit his guilt.

Officially White was charged on 17 March, he was questioned in
as a defendant. The trial began on 5 September, today’s meeting was the second.

At the beginning of 2017 White complained
to deterioration of health, he almost lost a leg to it
added heart problems and regular headaches, however, the court refused to it satisfaction of the petition of protection on changing the measure of restraint to house arrest and extended detention until February 2018.

Lost two attorneys Nikita Belykh, criticizing the prosecution, recalled in court the film “Beware of the car” 13.09.2017

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