Budget “daughter” of “Aeroflot” of a loukoster “Victory”, filed a lawsuit in
The Moscow arbitration court with the requirement to collect two million roubles
publication “Novaya Gazeta” to refute the information contained in the article
Anastasia Egorova “Quest
, published on 17 August.

As indicated in the files of arbitration cases, the claim was registered on 6 October, the date of its consideration has not
assigned. On the grounds of the claim are not reported. Second
a defendant in the suit provided the journalist Anastasia Egorova.

The article is subtitled “a Game for people with a strong nervous system,
adventure for groups of up to 186 people. The statement on the passage” and
describes personal experience of airline flights on the route Moscow – Tyumen and Surgut – Moscow. It explains how to travel
the airline “is not breaking up with you over the road with Luggage sense of humor and
her mind.”

According to the author, flying with low cost carrier, “you will be constantly
to face a violation of your rights, you have no choice”, “you must
to pay for all that it may seem to the organizers of the quest Luggage,
you don’t have a choice”, “you can’t count on the arrival at the
appointment to the time shown on your ticket the flights
“Victory” is not “late”, they live on a schedule known only to
the organizers of the quest”, says the journalist. Finally, “you can’t
count on courteous treatment, this option is not available even for
a surcharge”, the article says Anastasia Egorova.

“Novaya Gazeta” has not yet received the documents. “We heard that “Victory”
sued us in court, but details of the suit do not know, as yet not
seen the documents on it,” – told “Interfax” the press Secretary
“The new newspaper” Hope Trusenkova on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in a statement said that the action associated with this
the note, which contained “unfounded accusations
the airline “Victory” and discrediting business reputation of the Russian
low-cost carrier,” according to the statement, “Victory”, which leads
edition The

The company believes that the newspaper “published false
the charges against the “Victory” as part of a custom campaign against
were conducted in the summer of 2016″. “The author of the note “Quest
“The victory” builds its conclusions on the distorted facts that
invited the audience in emphatic-assertive as
real events”, – stated in the message.

Egorova, in particular, accused the airline in a constant delay
departures and “known only to the organizers” (to the carrier)
the time of departure, but “Victory” is among the leaders in
the punctuality of all the Russian airlines” in mind
the press service of the airline.

“The author is accusing the carrier of intentionally Seating children and
parents (supposedly this family flew with the author in adjacent areas)”, –
state continues to claim “Victory”. These data emphasize
airlines are untrue. “For flights “Victory”
child up to 12 years definitely gets a place next to one of the
parents or an accompanying person without any additional
duties”, – explained the airline.

Also representatives of the “Victories” stated that the note of “Novaya Gazeta”
“aimed at forming a negative public opinion
potential passengers of the airline”. In this regard, the airline
“Victory” demands to oblige Egorov to refute false information in the “New
the newspaper” identical font and intends to collect two million roubles
as compensation of harm “caused to the business reputation of the company.”

This is not the first trial of the airline, formed on September 16 2014
years instead came under European sanctions “Dobrolet”.
Rostransnadzor earlier in the year conducted an audit of the airline and came to
the conclusion that “Victory” is violating Federal aviation regulations by charging
a fee for carriage in the cabin of women’s backpacks. The Agency ordered
the carrier to eliminate violations, however, losing in two
the court is preparing another appeal, not
if you are going
to waive fees for the backpacks.

In August, the airline has tried through the courts to win the right not to feed the passengers.

On the eve it became known that Basmanny court of Moscow fully satisfied
the claim of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin on the protection of honor and dignity to
“The new newspaper”. The businessman informed through the court demanded to remove from the site
newspaper publication about the luxury yacht St. Princess Olga, which, as
the publication, resting his wife Olga Sechin.

Loukoster “Victory” sued the “New newspaper” 11.10.2016

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