President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia may
count on military support to Belarusians in the West and
immediately criticized Russia for non-delivery of missile systems
“Iskander-M”. He stated this on Friday, October 7, at the meeting with
parliamentarians of the National Assembly of Belarus of V and VI convocations,
reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We together with the Russian people, the Russians, we will protect our common
The Fatherland is not less important for Russia the Western direction We
we will be here to die in defense of Belarus and Russia”, – Lukashenka said.

He noted that “the Belarusian army with the most modern weapons
and able to repulse any aggressor.” “We can talk about full
the modernization of our army, we almost finished. We
adapted to the possible wars that can be waged
against our country – from fighting in the information space to
hot war,” – said the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko told parliamentarians that Belarus is not going with anyone
to fight, and arming only to scare the enemy: “We
not going to war with anyone. We’re just going to defend their
interests, and we do it not for war. We do it to be seen
all of us want to fight that fight with us – danger, myself
harm” (quoted by the Agency BelTA).

“Many operate from a position of strength, and in this regard I also don’t need
to blame that I’m trying to make his state stronger. Spend
against our normal policy, and you will always have the
a friendly state”.

In his speech, Lukashenko recalled Syria where children are dying and no
innocent civilians. “Why a democratic state
which bombed and bombed Syria, not think about it? Want to protect
from waves of refugees. There’s only one way to help get on his feet this
States, create a production that people worked there. Why
do not do it?” – asked the Belarusian dictator.

Lukashenko recalled the long-standing resentment against Russia for non-delivery of Iskander

Lukashenko said that Russia can count on support from
the Belarusian army in the West. “In my opinion, 170
millions of dollars paid, took the s-300, repaired them
itself, modernized and put into service”, – he said.

At the same time, the Belarusian President criticized Russia for what she is not
put Belarus operational-tactical missile complexes
“Iskander”. According to him, Minsk has offered Moscow to put in
the Republic of complexes “Iskander” in connection “with the intensification of certain
forces,” but in the end, without support, was forced
to organize production of weapons – missile systems
volley fire “Polonaise”. “So protecting you, should I
come you have another machine to buy? Is this normal?” – outraged
the President.

On the supply of “Iskander” for the modernization of the air force of the Belarusian military
aloud dreamed since 2007, and, as pointed out in 2014, Belarusian website “Military-political review”, “the question of the emergence of the PTRC “Iskander” and s-400 in Belarus was attached to the activation of the United States works on the deployment in Europe of elements of strategic missile
defense (EUROPRO)”. However, due to insufficient production
capacity of Moscow took the decision to postpone the delivery of modern
weapons systems for export, and Director of “Rosoboronexport” Anatoly
Isaykin said that the supply of such systems will be conducted only in
Russia’s armed forces.

Military expert Alyaksandr Klaskouski in June 2016, said “Russian
the BBC”
that Lukashenko has harbored a grudge for the “Iskander”:
“For a long time, the Belarusian commander hoped for Russia’s help in
equipping the Belarusian army missile weapons. But Russia did not want
here to lend a shoulder, had his forces and with the help of the fraternal
China to create a Belarusian weapons of retaliation. Insult,
that Russia does not allow modern weapons, among other their grievances,
Lukashenko also held”.

The assessment of another military expert Alexander Alesin, “the Polonaise”
corresponds to the characteristics of the Russian operational-tactical
complex “Iskander”. “Or rather, his version of “M” with a range of up to
500 km, the range of the export version “e” (280 km) soon
can be achieved and even surpassed the “Polonaise,” said
the expert.

Lukashenko promised Russia’s support in the war with the West and blamed for non-delivery of “Iskander-M” 07.10.2016

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