Minsk and Moscow settled the issue in the sphere of energy supplies. About it as transfers BelTA, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. “I met yesterday with a government report on oil and gas issues with the Russian Federation. I understand that the next battle is over and we managed to sign a relevant document, problematic issues, at least for yesterday, was agreed and removed”, – quotes Agency the words of the President.

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said the Agency, that Russia will restore the volumes of oil supplies to the Belarusian side, which are shorter since the beginning of this year, while Belarus will cancel the decision on increase of tariffs on oil transit.

“We have adjusted all current moments. You know that in the third quarter blocked half of the oil supplies to Belarus. We were supposed to receive 6 million tons, and now actually get only 3 million tonnes. Now everything is restored. Until October 20 needs to recover the oil supply in full under full utilization of our refineries,” – said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus.

“We also made compromise steps. Was recently raised tariffs on oil transit. We returned back. That is, are those the rates that were in effect as of 1 October”, – added Vladimir Semashko.

High-ranking Belarusian official also said that the price of Russian gas for Belarus will be significantly reduced. According to Vladimir Semashko, the sides agreed that Belarus will return some accumulated amount that the Russian side considers as the debt for the supply of gas.

“We have the money to return back. But instead we got a simultaneous significant reduction in the price of gas already this year and other support from Russia. And next (we have outlined and the Protocol) outlined a trajectory of decline rates in subsequent years”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

We will remind, since 2008 the gas price for Belarus is calculated quarterly according to the formula given indices changes in the price of gasoil and fuel oil. In 2013, the formula laid down in the intergovernmental agreement. The basis for the formula calculation is the cost of gas one of the major producing regions – Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The wholesale price of “Gazprom” in the region – the lowest in Russia.

However, after the global collapse of energy prices in Minsk called fair price supplied to Belarus the Russian gas in the amount of 73 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters (now the price for Belarus is 132 dollars).

Negotiations are conducted since autumn of last year. Since January, Minsk began to pay for Russian gas deliveries in full, and Moscow later on the background of the gas dispute has cut supplies of oil to Belarus.

Minister of energy of Belarus Vladimir Potupchik has repeatedly said that his country is not asking for discounts on gas, does not recognize the existence of a debt and only insisted on the fulfillment of previous agreements.

In April “Gazprom” called inappropriate reduction in the price of gas for Belarus, and deliveries are made strictly according to the formula of “price of production plus the cost of transportation”. In early may, “Gazprom” has submitted to the court at the Belarusian company of the underpayment for already delivered fuel.

In June in response to the question of journalists why Russia decided to cut oil supplies to Belarus in the third quarter, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said: “Our Belarusian partners we are underpaid for gas, we lose money, including the budget, as Gazprom is a major taxpayer, and, of course, forced to look for payment options”.

In July, Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the debt of Belarus for gas is $ 270 million. Minsk, the debt is not admitted, stating the unfairness of the contract price. Russia insisted that before the removal of differences payment can be made in existing conditions.

This summer, Russia cut oil supplies to Belarus in the third quarter by 2 million tons compared to the previously planned volume. According to Alexander Novak, the vacant volume of oil was exported to far abroad “for the purposes of filling the budget of the Russian Federation, as oil supplies to Belarus are carried out on a duty free basis”.

The latest negotiations between Moscow and Minsk on the price of gas, which was attended by Vice-premiers of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Semashko and Arkady Dvorkovich, was completed in early September, and 15 September, it was announcedthat they did not bring result. Before this Lukashenko has declared that Minsk and Moscow have practically agreed on the price, and instructed Semashko until September 14 to sign a Protocol with Russia.

On 26 August, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported on the coordination at the working level the new scheme of gas pricing for Belarus. According to the newspaper, instead of a dollar the price formula will be applied fully the ruble on the basis of average gas prices in Russia increase the ratio, however, Dvorkovich 8 Sep denied this information.

As a result, Alexander Lukashenko expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of success in this direction. “We are fiddling with, or not say, and for several months can not agree on the price of gas. In this regard, Russia has reduced oil supplies. We perceive this as pressure, but pressure I will not tolerate, and Belarusians, too,” he said.

October 1, Belarus announcedthat from October 11 the tariffs for transit of Russian oil through the territory of the country through pipelines increase immediately by 50%.

October 7, Lukashenka stated that Belarus is negotiating with Iran on oil supply. The President was confident that Moscow and Minsk resolve oil and gas dispute.

Lukashenko said about the settlement of the gas dispute with Russia 10.10.2016

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