“Mail of Russia” for the first time in 14 years of existence in the form of state-owned enterprises started to accept in its branches the Bank card, the newspaper “Izvestia”.
This is one of the last organizations in the country working with a large number of clients that have established credit cards. It did the Moscow metro.

Pay off the cards of payment systems Visa, MasterCard and “the World” is now possible for all services and products available at post offices (the law, however, does not allow to pay by credit card when you purchase lottery tickets).

In addition, the Russians receiving a pension in post offices, will be able to translate it into a Bank account and withdraw cash at the offices of “Mail” or any of the banks through ATMs and POS-terminals.

In fact, the reception maps in the “Mail” began on 25 October, but so far not in all offices. According to Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” on financial business, member of the Supervisory Board of “Mail-Bank” Vladimir Salakhutdinov, “Mail of Russia” expects to receive 100% of all revenues from non-cash transactions of customers by 2030.

For the first week, there were around 700 transactions on cards using installed in branches of the POS-terminals. “Mail-Bank” I expect that this month the figure is expected to increase 20 – fold to 15 million operations, and in December to reach 30 thousand

Service non-cash transactions in the post offices involved in the “Mail-Bank” created last year, VTB group and FGUP “Mail of Russia” on the basis of the Bank group – “Summer Bank” . For it has been found several thousand payment terminals and ATMs in post offices across the country.

“Mail of Russia” for the first time began to accept Bank cards 07.11.2016

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