The widow of the killed in Kiev the Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov Opera singer Maria Maksakova six months, knew about the insights of the Ukrainian investigation, linking the murder with the name of its former civil husband Vladimir Tyurin. She stated the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“Me as the victim, naturally, was kept up to date, I was familiar with the investigation… Therefore, in this state of disgust, anger I lived with for six months and in principle is the worst months in my life,” said Maksakova “MK”.

As a victim I was familiar with the case long before any of them said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. On the role of Tyurina I knew long ago and lived with it for six months. It is a psychological hell.” – she complained of “KP”.

However, she stressed that the Turin “used”, but it results in his testimony on real customers “of course they are not interested”.

“Turin is trying to attract Ukrainian nationalists drawn to push aside all personal motive… He, of course, he combined business with pleasure, but we must understand that need-it was not to him but to the persecutors Denis, which we all three shouted and screamed,” said the widow Boronenkov.

“He stuck to this story tightly. The evidence is irrefutable. Fulfilled all very stupid”, she added. “The fact that the Ukrainian investigators do their job efficiently, I have no doubt,’ said Maria Maksakova “KP”. – Have proven episodes. And the conclusions are clear: Turin is a link in the criminal chain. But he is not the customer of the murder.”

Tyurin she called the “biggest mistake of my life.” “Yes, he’s the father of my children. What? That he had to think about our kids when he was doing”.

“I left Turin about 10 years ago. I must admit, at first he was indignant because of this. But the years went by, and everything faded. And then he had the opportunity to combine “useful with pleasant”. So he organized what happened on 23 March in Kiev”, – said the widow Boronenkov.

“In a couple of weeks after the murder” when she got the message, “stopped to chat with him and children too,” since they live with their father. “As far as I know, he lives in Moscow and in the suburbs. I think the work for which he came from, it is poorly executed. It is therefore likely that those who asked for this (murder Boronenkov), are unlikely to defend him before the law”, – said Maksakova.

The involvement of Turin to murder declared October 9, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office. According to her, Tyurin worked together with the FSB. According to the Ukrainian investigation, in exchange Tyurin received privileges from the Russian security services to monitor criminal groups in Russia and some CIS countries.

Turina’s lawyer Sergei Belyak conveyedthat “the accusations and believes the nonsense” never had any dealings or disputes with the Voronenkova, whom he hardly knew, and did not let his relationship with his former common-law wife. Even more nonsense he called “accountability Tyurin of the Russian FSB”, a sentiment Ukrainian law enforcers.

Denis Voronenkov was murdered in Kiev on March 23 of this year. His guard shot the killer, inflicting a mortal wound, the killer later died in hospital. It was reported that the murder was committed by 28-year-old Paul Parsow, who had previously served in one of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions in the Donbass. Immediately after the murder, the Ukrainian authorities announced the involvement in the crime Russian special services.

Maksakova lives in Kyiv, works at the Academy of managerial personnel of culture and arts of Ukraine, which is Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, sang at the opening of Philharmonic hall in Kiev, gave a solo concert in Lviv within the framework of publishers ‘ Forum, and tours extensively.

Maksakova was already half knew about the role of a former boyfriend in the murder Boronenkov 09.10.2017

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