Malaysian authorities have demanded from owners of restaurants and cafes not to use the name “hotdog” (the literal translation of “hot dog”), as in Islam (the official religion of the country), dogs are considered unclean animals, and they are not. Recommended dish called “sausage roll”. Those who do not, are in danger of closing, according to Free Malaysia Today.

In Malaysia has long sell hot dogs. Recently, however, tourists from the Middle East began to complain about the name of the dish. The authorities decided to restore order, says Asian Correspondent.

Users of social networks published a lot of jokes on this topic. For example, they proposed to rename hot dogs in the “hot Chicks”.

OFFICIAL: We don’t want confused Muslims so all hot dogs made with chicken will now be called “hot chicks”. This way no one will be confused

Malaysian authorities recommended eateries not to confuse Muslims hotdogs 19.10.2016

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