Manufacturer of rocket complexes “Buk” concern “Almaz-Antey” completed the experiment to reproduce the fall of MH17, which was shot at the decommissioned aircraft. Earlier the company has repeatedly denied the version of the crash Malaysian Boeing 777 in the skies over Ukraine, according to which the airliner was shot down by the separatists.

“Preliminary analysis of the results of the experiment confirmed the version of the concern about the climate of the meeting of the missile with the aircraft, announced at a press conference in Moscow on 2 June. Notwithstanding the considerable cost of the work, the funding of research on the causes of the disaster Malaysian Boeing 777 in the sky over Ukraine the concern held entirely at their own expense. The full results of the experiment will be announced at a press conference of the group in Moscow on 13 October,” – said in the press releaseof the company.

Back in July in “Diamond-antee” has stated about the readiness to conduct an experiment to disprove the theory that the airliner was shot down by a missile separatists. It was assumed that the landfill will be undermined by anti-aircraft missile M next to a decommissioned Boeing, similar to the victim a year ago of the disaster over Ukraine, and the group will be willing to pay for it all.

“To participate in the experiment as observers we are ready to invite international experts from a number of independent and authoritative experts and representatives of the world’s largest aircraft-building companies”, – said the head of the concern. In “Diamond-antee” confident “that the results of the experiment once again confirmed the correctness of the conclusions made by us according to the results conducted by experts of the concern of the study, and finally remove all the questions about the type of missile and the coordinates of the location where it started”.

The Bellingcat report: the personalities of the drivers “Beech”, which was shot down Boeing

Passenger Boeing 777, following flight Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17, 2014 in 80 kilometers from Donetsk, near the settlement of Snow. All aboard people plane – 298 people – died.

Previously, Malaysia had made in the UN security Council a draft resolution on the establishment of the Tribunal on the crash Boeing in the Donbass. The document States that the Security Council needs to “form an international Tribunal with the sole purpose to press for the prosecution of those who bear the responsibility for the crime with the downed aircraft of Malaysia Airlines MH17 on July 17, 2014″.

This idea was supported by four other countries – Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine. In Russia the initiative was criticized.

Who is to blame: version

Many experts have speculated about what exactly happened in the air and who could be responsible for this disaster. Most experts believe that the plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. Experts made statements focusing on the nature of the damage to the fuselage. Missile “earth – air”, which are fitted in the installation, explode some distance from the purpose for which the aircraft flashes lots of debris. The information that Malaysian Boeing was shot down from the ground, confirmed and data “black boxes” airliner.

In the West believethat being involved in the tragedy may be the separatists, who announced the drop at the same time and in the same place as that Malaysian airliner, Ukrainian military aircraft An-26, stating that they themselves brought down the “enemy flyer” using anti-aircraft “Buk”, and then allegedly hid the SAM. And one of the leaders of the Ukrainian separatists even gave an interview to Reuters, which confirmedthat the representatives of the self-proclaimed people’s republics was “Buk” (it is true, then these words he denied).

Note that Russia is considering two versions of what happened. First – the plane was hit by Ukrainian security forces. In Moscow laughed over the words of Ukrainian military that “Beeches”. The second Boeing was shot down not from earth, but rocket “air – air”. In the Russian Ministry of defense claimedthat before the accident recorded a Ukrainian su-25 attack aircraft and even called the name of a witnessthat can confirm that on that day “afternoon on a combat mission flew the plane su-25 air force of Ukraine”.

Russian television also showed a picture on which we can clearly see the fighter jet drops a missile in the direction of the Malaysian airliner, but this picture was a fake, painted in the photo editor. Besides, even the Creator of the su-25 has indicatedthat the power of the rocket aircraft too small to destroy such a large and fast-moving target, like a large passenger plane.

On 17 July, was published the full version of a video made in the first minutes after the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing.

Manufacturer Buka fired on Boeing to prove the innocence of separatists in the crash of MH17 08.10.2015

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