Map “the World” can be a single travel on public transport across the country, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Board member of the National system of payment cards (nvqs) Sergey Radchenkov.

“The main idea is to allow people in any city to pay the fare “the World”, not using special applications that each region has its own, and the financial capabilities of the card,” said Radchenko, explaining that it is still on the map separately “lived” transport and payment applications. According to him, it is a question not one day, but work in this direction has already begun.

More recently, using the card “the World” you can pay the fare in the subway of Saint-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. For this purpose, each station equipped baggage turnstiles marked with the words “Pay travel card”. For the passage is enough to put the map like a normal pass to the reader. Similar projects launched in municipal transport of a number of regions.

To date, 19 million issued cards. At the beginning of September, there were almost 18 million, said Radchenkov.

NBTS has already implemented “all of the modern technologies used for security of payments in the card and payment industry,” says member of the Board of the company. It concerns the protection of payment card data, and additional security payments in the Internet using technology developed by NBTS MirAccept.

The Russian government, recall, has decided to create a National payment card system in the spring of 2014 after some Russian banks hit by us sanctions, Visa and MasterCard, subject to the requirements of the United States, for some time ceased to serve these banks issued cards.

In July 2014, was established nvqs, the operator of the national payment system “World”. From April 2015, the NPCs started to work in Russia. Central Bank and the government then promised to take the citizens who receive funds from the state funds (Pension Fund, social insurance Fund etc.) on the card “the World”, this process should be completed by July 2018.

Map “the World” want to make travel 30.09.2017

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