The leader of the French far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen in an interview with the BBC said that the victory of Donald trump increased its chances to become the President of France and once again praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin for competent protectionism and independent position. It is expected that the presidential elections in 2017, marine Le Pen got into the second round of voting.

Le Pen believes that winning trump in the presidential elections in the United States has made the impossible possible. On the question of the air force, whether it considers that its chances of victory in presidential elections has increased, Le Pen replied: “Yes, I hope that in France people also decide to overturn the table – the table where the elite divides what belongs to the French people”. Before the French voters, she added, will be a choice between a multicultural society and the “independent country where people can decide their destiny.”

The leader of “National front” also called the style of government of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reasonable protectionism. It “protects the interests of his country, protecting its identity,” she said.

On the issue of the threat from Russia, especially after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the beginning of Russian military operations in Syria, Le Pen said that “there is no reason to be afraid.” “Russia is a European country, and if we want to create a powerful Europe, it would be better if we negotiated with Russia,” she explained.

Euroskeptic party of Le Pen, opposes immigration, got 27% of votes at the last in December last year in France, the elections to the local authorities. She, however, failed to control any one of the regions, as other parties have joined forces to prevent just such a result.

The party of Le Pen on the background of aggravation of relations between Russia and the West after the annexation of Crimea took out a loan in a Russian Bank. Le Pen explained that French and European banks turned her down for funding and spoke about the intention to re-take the credit in Russia for the presidential election.

Marine Le Pen praises Putin and sees a good sign in the election trump 13.11.2016

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