Frunze district court in Vladivostok, the administrative order was fined 550 thousand rubles a local firm and its Director for cutting the scrap metal tower coastal battery artillery N220, part of the complex of fortifications of Vladivostok fortress, a monument of Federal importance, according to the website of the Primorsky territory administration.

According to the regional Prosecutor’s office, artillery battery in 2004 sold the company “EKOMET” with the aim of using it as a monument of history and culture, including excursions and activities. In turn, JSC “Ecomet” 1 July 2016 signed a contract of purchase and sale of ferrous scrap with another company for the purpose of further cutting the turret coastal artillery battery.

As it was found out during public Prosecutor’s check of the documents authorizing the carrying out of such works, both companies were not. The Prosecutor’s office opened a case on administrative offence against the owners of the battery. Ultimately, the court imposed a fine of 500 thousand rubles, OOO EKOMET as a legal entity and another 50 thousand roubles, – the Director of the company.

However, the police continues investigation of the criminal case on the fact of damage to cultural heritage sites, the report says.

Metal hunters

In late August, it was reported that the Maritime police opened a criminal case under article 243 (“Destruction or damage of monuments of history and culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation”) the criminal code on the fact of unauthorized dismantling of the structures of the monument, which are an integral part thereof and are subject to state protection.

Information about sawing tools battery appeared in the media in July. Then locals told us that some workers using welding machine made cutouts in the metal armor of the turret guns.

The scandal around the battery caused a wave of interest in the monument with tourists. The company “EKOMET” from a Big Rock that turned one of the tower guns of battery scrap, decided to take advantage of the situation and declared the admission fee is paid.

In recent years, the battery was pretty much looted by the “hunters” behind metal. The guns of one of the towers cutinside the condition is quite deplorable. Ruined, looted and technical infrastructure of the battery, wrote to local media.

Previous the fact of damage of a monument of culture occurred in the spring of 2015. Then investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation in Primorsky region opened a criminal case (part 1 of article 243 of the criminal code). According to investigators, from March to April 2015, an unknown person while on location in the South-Eastern part of the Peninsula Gamow made the cutouts in the armor of one of the artillery guns. Deliberate damage to cultural heritage in law enforcement agencies reported the Department of culture APK.

Vladivostok fortress – the complex of permanent fortifications, which was built in the late XIX – early XX century in Vladivostok and the surrounding area. It is a unique monument of military-defensive architecture of that time and the only one preserved on the territory of the Russian Federation marine fortress.

In addition, it is the largest in Russia and the only one of the sea fortresses of the country, which is in the list of unique historical monuments of UNESCO. The fortress covers more than 400 square miles on earth and under the earth. Its membership consisted of about 50 shore batteries, 16 FORTS, dozens of coastal caponiers, a lot of strong points and land batteries, eight underground barracks. It was built about 130 different FORTS, fortifications, strongholds and shore batteries, in service which was 1.4 thousand guns.

This sea fortova the castle was the most fortified of all such buildings of the time, although its construction was not completed due to the outbreak of the First world war and then October revolution. In 1995 a complex of buildings of Vladivostok fortress was declared a monument of Federal significance. September 29, 2000, the officials of the Primorye territory included tower battery N220 in the list of immovable monuments of history and culture of local (regional) value.

Battery of coastal artillery tower N220 Khasan sector of coastal defense is located in the Khasan district of Primorye (South-Eastern part of the Peninsula Gamow). The basic tactical purpose battery – control over the entrance of the Gulf poset and the approaches to the West coast of the Peter the Great Bay from Cape to Cape Gamov Bruce; ensuring the right flank of the mine-artillery positions covering the approaches to Vladivostok.

Firing position consists of two tower-two-gun artillery installations of MB-2-180 with installed four 180-mm guns B-1-P of the Leningrad plant “Bolshevik” in a two-story reinforced concrete blocks and the power block of the station.

Maritime firm, sawed national wealth historical monument for scrap metal, was fined half a million 06.10.2016

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