The leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani and lawyer Igor Trunov intend to seek the involvement of singer Phillip Kirkorov to justice because of the false accusation of extortion.

At a press conference in Moscow, which took place shortly after the arrest Marouani and Trunov, the Moscow police, the French musician has promised that his “lawyers will Lodge a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office for slander and misinformation”.

“I think that it will cause even more damage,” said Maruani, dodavit that “behaved Kirkorov – it’s a trap, it’s a crime.”

He said that to arrest him, and the lawyer Igor Trunov’s statement about extortion Kirkorov arrived 60 police officers. “In the hall burst into 60 police officers behave ungraciously, as in a bad detective movie. They said not to tell anyone, take away cell phones,” said Maruani.

According to a French composer, he became a “victim of stupid, criminal action.” “Moreover, I have to testify today, show more than 60
messages from Kirkorov and to prove that these messages were from him and not
from the media,” said Maruani, saying that more than 60 letters from his correspondence with Kirkorov mysteriously disappeared from his mailbox, reports TASS. “Someone had erased. But I sent copies to my Manager and lawyers, keeping it that way,” said Maruani.

“Music experts have confirmed that 41% of the song “Cruel love” was borrowed from the songs of Symphonic Space Dream. Although the rhythm of the songs was changed, the experts of Russia and France confirmed that this is plagiarism,” said the composer.

According to him, the book “stole from other artists more than 30 songs.” “Is his song for Eurovision”, – quotes the French musician Agency “Interfax”. He said that his friend, also a composer, also intends to sue Kirkorov. “My friend wrote a song for Dalida, and say it without the permission of the quail,” – says Marouani. He said that this song is
Kirkorov “the Most”.

According to Maruani, Kirkorov told him that “Popkov rich man, and he helps the mafia”. “Was it the beginning of intimidation, can’t say. But I’m not scared”, – transfers words of the French musician Agency “national news service”.

The leader of the group Space said that he has enough time and patience for trial and let a man decided to show that he is the most intelligent, but the mouse will never be able to scare the cat, he was quoted saying the portal “National news”.

Lawyer Marouani lawyer Igor Trunov, in turn, said that already wrote the application in Prosecutor’s office: “yesterday I wrote a letter to Kirkorov and his lawyer about false accusation of Avasana, is the real name (Alexander) Dobrovinsky”.

According to the lawyer, they Marouani before voluntarily went to the police station. “No criminal case, no arrest, we voluntarily sat in
the police station 8 hours. We took a dossier on Kirkorov and still
not given”, – he said.

By the way, according to Trunova, the interrogation in the police Department has been delayed because of the desire of the police to take a selfie with the French composer. “Interrogation Marouani was delayed because the entire Department lined up to take a selfie with him, that is the time left for questioning, and the selfie” – said Trunov, noting that Maruani a very decent person and despite the challenging environment, not denied to anyone, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

Trunov also said that he intends to apply to the ECHR with a complaint against those who made the illegal, in his opinion, detention. “Whoever made this mess should be punished. We intend to complain until the European court,” – said Trunov, noting that the arrest took place with violations.

“We were detained without a criminal case, we have no suspects, we were not given the call, we were treated rudely”, – transfers words Trunov RIA “Novosti”.

With regard to the participation of prunerov “Vova” and “Lexus,” then the lawyer Trunov said that “a prankster plays once, and the combination of 60 letters and calls – an unrealistic story, so it’s far-fetched story.”

“When a man appeared at the Bank yesterday, the first claim it was – why did you disclose the terms of the transaction. I say we just announced that there will be a press conference. This means that he was deeply in the subject. So I think that this is a story invented by a lawyer Kirkorov”, – concluded the lawyer representing the interests of Didier Marouani.

On the eve of Trunov and Marouani was detained in the “Sberbank” in Moscow, where, according to Trunova, they came to sign a settlement agreement with Kirkorov, who allegedly agreed to pay 1 million euros Marouani for the misuse of his music.

In the course of the settlement agreement it was assumed that the money will be deposited Kirkorov in the Bank, then will be transferred to the account Marouani.

In the words of lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky, no agreement was not. “A man wrote in a police report about the extortion by Maruani. We participated in investigatory experiment, ” he said.

Eight hours after the arrest Trunov and Marouani was released, they apologized. Law enforcement authorities did not initiate criminal case on Kirkorov’s statement about extortion.

Lawyer Trunov intends on behalf Marouani sue Kirkorov in the US court, where the singer has a real estate for wrongful use of the music. According to him, in this case, the man will have to pay a minimum of $10 million for plagiarism.

Marouani caught Kirkorov for plagiarism 30 songs, linked him to the mafia, called the mouse, and will bring him for the false accusation 30.11.2016

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