French composer Didier Marouani, invited by the Moscow police on Wednesday evening to re-explanations in the case of the statement against him, signed by singer Filipp Kirkorov, more than five hours communicated with the investigator.

On a press-conferences the musician said that now no reconciliation between him and Kirkorov, after the absurd false accusation of extortion and the subsequent detention, it is impossible. He announced that he intends to bring will to justice.

This statement Marouani wrote, being last night in the Main investigation Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow, reported RIA “Novosti” his lawyer Lyudmila Aivar.

In addition, the musician wrote a letter asking to return his mobile phone, USB flash drive and a dossier of documents, which, according to Marouani, confirmed that he had a conversation about plagiarism with Philip Kirkorov, and not with media provocateursthe defense claims the Russian singer.

“We had the police more than five hours, we interviewed in detail on the whole situation, we gave detailed explanations. Asked about Kirkorov, when he wrote a controversial song (the song “Cruel love” performed Kirkorov, whose author is Oleg Popkov. – Approx. ed.), how did the negotiations. About everything”, – said Ivar.

“At first the officer was defensive, but then Didier was
open and explained everything. In addition, he has a recording of a conversation with
Kirkorov” – said the lawyer.

She stressed that Marouani was interviewed as an eyewitness and is not a suspect. “Status of Didier now no, he’s not a suspect, its just interviewed. Criminal case about extortion too, no,” said Ivar.

The defender has added that on Friday, the French composer plans to leave Russia. And today they await the decision of the investigation, to initiate a criminal case of extortion on the application Kirkorov against Didier Marouani.

On Tuesday, Marouani and his lawyer were detained in one of the offices of Sberbank in Central Moscow. Kirkorov’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky’s claims that they were detained red-handed during transfer of money amounts. The detention took place in the framework of the written police statements Kirkorov extortion.

Marouani lawyer Lyudmila Aivar said that no extortion was not, and the Bank planned to sign a settlement agreement between the French musician and the Russian singer over the use of one of the songs of Marouani Kirkorov. According to her statement, the man himself offered to pay Marouani compensation for copyright infringement.

Marouani wrote a statement to the police on Kirkorov about obviously false denunciation 01.12.2016

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