An unknown man, who on 1 October attacked with a knife on people at the station in Marseilles and killed the two girls, were detained by the police shortly before the incident, but was released for lack of evidence linking him to the crimes. The police find it difficult to identify his personality, because at different points the attacker has presented papers at eight different names.

BFM TV says that on Friday, September 29, Marseilles terrorist was arrested in Lyon for shoplifting and then released. The police suspect him of involvement in a number of crimes committed from 2005 to 2014, but still there was no reason for bringing intelligence to the surveillance of him. Under the suspect’s fingerprints in the databases listed eight different names, because every time being arrested, the man was presented with other documents.

“The killer had eight different aliases. Every time he was arrested, he provided ID card, so now it’s so hard to understand who he is. In some cases, he said he was born in Algeria, others reported that he was a native of France,” he told Reuters informed source in the gendarmerie.

As of Sunday night police had failed to establish the place of residence assailant and to conduct a search. Also the investigators have to determine whether he knew his victims. Currently, experts are studying a mobile phone, when a former killer.

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Marseilles terrorist was detained by police for two days before the attack and released media 02.10.2017

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