Law enforcement agencies of Latvia are investigating the circumstances of the conflict that occurred in the capital’s fast food restaurant McDonald’s. There was a fight involving two British servicemen and women and local resident working in the modeling business, writes Delfi.

British and Latvian publications outline the various versions. And the English press saw what happened almost a hand of the Kremlin. In the Newspapers there was a note with the titles, claiming that the British military suffered from the actions of the “Russian propaganda machine”.

According to the evidence provided by two British soldiers from the Grenadier Guards regiment, October 31, at the fast food restaurant they were attacked by unknown. A fight ensued, and everything was captured on camera appeared from somewhere of the crew. After that, the journalists allegedly disappeared “in the representation of mass-media, which is known for their sympathies toward Russia,” wrote the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to its source, it seems that the reporters acted in collusion with those who attacked the military.

However, the Latvian edition of said that “the British media is blatantly lying”, while hiding some of the information. According to the Latvian press, the result of a fight in a diner injured Pro-Russian activist, 23-year-old Latvian ACCELS Azkals working in one of the law firms not far from McDonald s on the. At approximately 17:30 he went to eat at this place and saw that room full of drunken British soldiers.

“The provocation was 100% from the British. They behaved like idiots and were just looking for a fight, was completely drunk,” said the victim’s father Edmund Azkals.

In his words, no film crew in the diner was not, and the events filmed on mobile phones bystanders.

“I hope in the coming days all will be revealed and people will be able to draw conclusions of what happened,” concluded Edmund Azkals.

After the unfortunate fight that caused an international scandal, the victim of ACCELS Aizkalnes was diagnosed with a broken nose. It is also noted that the victim does not share Pro-Russian views and his professional career far from politics: ACCELS works in a law firm, and also a male model.

Colleagues American councils say they got a phone call and the first ones on the scene. They found the victim with a bloody nose, and there was a company of aggressive British. According to the victim, the soldier approached him and said that he should get out of the checkout line for ten seconds. Then aloud, counted to ten and hit the Latvian punched in the face.

Witnesses say that nearby was a crew of the municipal police, however guards did not want to intervene and advised the colleagues of the ACCELS call detail reports. When the patrol arrived, who was in the company of the British representative of the National armed forces of Latvia tried to hush up the incident, showing his ID and asking the police to “enter the situation” and not to hold British holidaymakers after NATO exercises in Latvia.

In the end the police still arrested 29-year-old British soldier and took him to the station. The military continued to behave aggressively. In fact beatings initiated administrative proceedings, which is military police. For bullying, the guilty faces a fine ranging from 210 to 430 Euro.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph called the incident at a McDonald’s restaurant “is clearly a fake incident” and “a planned provocation, whose purpose – to expose the Latvian NATO soldiers hooligans and troublemakers”. However, the Latvian journalists have noted that the conflict did not participate any Russian-speaking person, and the assessment of the British tabloid based only on data from anonymous sources in military circles.

We also add that NATO soldiers is not the first time accused of “swinish” behavior in the Baltic States. For example, in 2014, the mayor of the Latvian city Ventspils complained that foreign defenders urinated on shop Windows and the “plucked flowers from the flower beds to give them prostitutes”. In his opinion, the military “behaved like occupiers, who do not recognize the sovereignty and laws of Latvia”.

In Riga the NATO soldiers started a fight with the taxi drivers. The reason for it is disagreement about the fare.

However, the British press notes that the deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic States against the background of aggravation of relations with Russia. And from the Kremlin, waiting for spyware attacks, sabotage and provocations aimed at discrediting NATO forces. Last year, participating in the exercise the soldiers were forbidden to take laptops, smartphones and other devices to access the Internet under the pretext that the accounts of the military can be hacked. In addition, the British soldiers were instructed by their Lithuanian colleagues on the topic of how to detect the Pro-Russian propaganda and to fight the attempts of the Kremlin to manipulate public opinion.

This week the head of the British MI5 counterintelligence Andrew Parker saidthat Russia “will use all opportunities of state bodies and force to push its foreign policy abroad is becoming more and more aggressive ways – using propaganda, espionage, sabotage and cyber attacks”.

And Professor Anthony Gliese is the Director of the centre for research in the field of security and intelligence at Buckingham University, believes that Russia is even more dangerous sabotage activities in the Soviet Union. “The situation in Europe and the world more fragile. And Russia is prepared to use any means to prevent NATO acted effectively,” said Belita.

McDonald’s in Riga a British soldier broke the nose of the Latvian model, and the press saw the fight, “the provocation of the Kremlin” 03.11.2016

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