The cause of the accident MiG-29КР taking off from the Russian carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” on 13 November and collapsed into the Mediterranean sea, was the failure of both engines, according to gazety citing a source familiar with the organization of flights on the aircraft carrier. The official explanation for the cause of the accident, which should give the special Commission is not yet ready.

According to the newspaper, the car was driven by an experienced pilot, Colonel, head of flight safety service of aviation of the Northern fleet, has previously committed more than 200 landings on the deck of “Admiral Kuznetsov”. To doubt his qualification is not necessary, it is called “one of the most prepared” in carrier-based aircraft.

The defense Ministry explained that the reason was a technical failure, stating that the plane crashed for “a few kilometers from the aircraft carrier”.

The engine failure occurred on the background of another incident. Planes landing should be hanging on a special hook for the brake cables of the arrestor “Svetlana-2″. The day flew three fighters, first successfully landed on the deck, and the second MiG-29K when landing broke landing the cable, what happens to them quite often. Torn rope entangled in each other and made it impossible for them to use, so the third fighter had to go to the second round, waiting until the ropes loosened up.

While the plane was in the waiting area, he was denied both engines. In them, according to the preliminary version, has ceased to flow fuel. In such cases, the newspaper writes, the jet falls down like a stone, and the pilot remains only one thing – to have time to eject, which he did.

The publication cites the opinion of some anonymous pilot who believes that the MiG-29КР/KUBRA (NATO Fulcrum-D) should not have to take on combat duty in the Mediterranean sea, because the machine is still in the testing phase, which will last until 2018, not until the end has not been developed and not brought to the desired condition. The Corporation MiG to comment on is refused.

On accurately identifying the causes of the crash, a special Commission, and the military offer to consider everything published in the media version of the incident with the MiG-29K speculation, as the MiG-29K and su-33 have passed all required tests in accordance with the list of tasks assigned to them during the combat service of the ship. The results of these tests were documented appropriately.

The defense Ministry immediately after the incident, announced that the carrier group is on track, and the next day reported about the strikes on the Syrian provinces of Idlib and HOMS with aviation “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

Media: fighter with “Admiral Kuznetsov” fell into the Mediterranean sea due to the failure of both engines 21.11.2016

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