A plot of land on which the construction of the infrastructure of a new training center for special forces in Gudermes belongs to the company, associated with the “Kadyrov Fund”, reports channel “Rain”“. Apparently, we are talking about Public Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov, father of the current head of the Chechen Republic. While previously the region stressed that the centre is being built on private investment and does not belong to any agencies.

According to TV channel, the center is located on a plot of over 500 acres near the residence of Kadyrov near Gudermes. A plot of land on which the construction until 2026 is leased by the company “Multifunctional sports and training center “Master”.

It is this center the “Master” indirectly linked to the Kadyrov Foundation through the “Grozny city”. General Director of “Master” Mosadi Aliyev is also the owner of the company “Grozny city”, which, in turn, is associated with the Kadyrov Foundation through the company “Leader auto”.

“Lider Avto” – basically a dealer of “AVTOVAZ” in Chechnya, which has been supplying cars for almost all the departments of the Republic. A Fund Kadyrov set up a company in 2007, and in 2014 40% of the company became the property of the “Grozny city”.

As noted, the owner of a new training center for special forces in Gudermes unknown. The government of the region emphasize that it was built by private money business, “which has achieved considerable success in business in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the country.”

The company that leases the land for the construction of the center, belongs to the instructor of special forces “alpha” Alexey Sudano, the soldiers of which were instructors in the military center. The centre also meets another veteran of “alpha”, Daniel Martynov, who since 2013 has held the post of assistant of Kadyrov’s power block. According to the”Caucasian knot”, the armed forces Martynov guarding the head of the Chechen Republic after Kadyrov refused the protection of the FSB.

Earlier, on March 16, Martynov in conversation with RBC said that the trainers of the new training center of special forces in Gudermes veterans of elite units “alpha”, “Vympel” and GRU has prepared a battalion of military police from Chechnya, which was sent in December last year on a business trip to Syria.

As said Martynov, the core of the team of trainers at the centre in Gudermes become “fellows” with whom he “served together in the “alpha”. The overall composition of the training team – 32 people. 12 of them are senior instructors, veterans of the elite special forces “alpha” and “Vympel”. Among them are the veterans of the main Department of the General staff (former GRU).

The battalion consists mainly of residents of Chechnya. All members of the formation – contractors with experience of service in the hot spots, said Martynov. The decision to send them to Syria took leadership of the defense Ministry.

At the end of last year Kadyrov in an interview explained that cooperation with the new special forces training center in Chechnya can attract private American instructors. The head of the Republic claimed that the emerging structure is of great interest abroad.

“Expressed interest and had contacts with the head of centre of military and diplomatic representatives of Argentina, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Norway, Pakistan, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, the Philippines and many others. With China, this work is more specific. Already had an exchange of delegations,” – said Kadyrov.

By 2018, in Gudermes, it is planned to complete the creation of the international training centre for special operations forces. The organization will have its own runway, the parachute complex 14 shooting galleries for practicing shooting skills, wind tunnel, ground for training mine-explosive case.

“This is a giant city, which has no analogues. It covers an area more than 400 hectares. at the same time is based around 40 learning objects,” he shared details Kadyrov. In his words, “of particular interest is a town where the riot will learn to identify potential terrorist threat, rescue the hostages and neutralize terrorists.”

The center is being created in Chechnya because the Republic’s experience in combating terrorism, according to Kadyrov, is unique in the world and this experience “interested in dozens of countries.” “In Chechnya there is peace and stability to encroach on that we will not allow anyone, be it even seven spans in a forehead. Currently, all work has a preventive character”, – said Kadyrov.

In February 2016, the TV channel “Russia 1″ in the story called “Terrorism under the gun” shown in the program “Special correspondent” reported that the generated near Gudermes center of training of elite special forces soldiers will be private. It is assumed that it will be able to train representatives of all power departments of the Russian Federation.

Media have linked the new special forces training center in Chechnya with Kadyrov Foundation 17.03.2017

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