The Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may plans next week to visit USA and meet up with President Donald trump, according to the newspaper Daily Telegraph. The main theme will be trade agreement between the two countries, but as expected, may provide clues that it was not against the gradual restoration of relations with Russia.

“Government sources said that Mrs may intends
to obtain assurance as to approach Mr. trump to Russia
relationship with Vladimir Putin and NATO,” the article quoted the British newspaper “Interfax”.

According to the newspaper, may said Trump, that Britain is not against
opening U.S. dialogue with Russia, but “at the current stage You can’t
to resume partnership relations” with her.

Mei also wants to emphasize the importance of strengthening cooperation in
the framework of NATO, while agreeing with the election requirements trump
on the need of each of the member countries to invest in the Alliance’s budget 2% of GDP.

In the agenda of the negotiations likely will include the problems of the fight against “Islamic state” (a group banned in Russia), the exit of Britain from the EU, the situation in the middle East.

Source Telegraph said that Mei hopes to restore such bilateral relations with the United States which existed between the two countries while in power in the United States
Ronald Reagan and in the UK Margaret Thatcher.

The exact dates of the visit are still in the process of discussion.

Media reported about the upcoming trip of the Prime Minister of great Britain may for a meeting with trump 21.01.2017

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