The militants in the Syrian city of Aleppo used against government forces shells with chemical gas. About it reports Reuters , citing Syrian state news Agency SANA. Also about the attacks, citing data from the “militia of the city,” writes the RIA “Novosti”. The number of victims specified.

According to SANA, during the shelling of residential district of al-Hamdaniya used “rockets with poisonous gas”. What is not specified. With shortness of breath and cough were hospitalized 35 people.

RIA reports that the position of the Syrian government troops and militia were attacked near a Military Academy in the South-West of Aleppo – one of the hottest points of contention in the last days. The source of the Agency was also unable to specify what toxic substance was used.

Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen reports that at least one person was killed and more than 30 civilians were wounded.

The representative of a group of Syrian rebels “Fastack” has denied the information about the chemical attack in an interview with Reuters.

Channel claims that killed two people. 32 injured, 14 of them hospitalized in critical condition. This media suggests that militants could have used sarin – a substance nerve without color and smell.

Retaining the Eastern part of the Aleppo group on Friday launched a massive offensive in an attempt to break the blockade, reminds Reuters. The attacks involved numerous groups associated with the “Free Syrian army” and the Islamists.

RIA, citing data from the military intelligence claims that militants used a humanitarian pause in order to transfer to positions in the South and North of the city of more than 8 thousand people. Military Academy of al-Assad – a key strategic point, after the capture, you can develop the offensive on the Western part of the city and bombard it.

Media reported chemical attack in a residential district of Aleppo 30.10.2016

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