Organization Progress Unity Fund (PUF), a registered charitable Foundation, is funding the protests against the elected President of the USA of Donald trump. As reported by RIA “Novosti”learned information portal The Daily Caller.

Official mission PUF – “providing progressive alternatives to mainstream philanthropy”. The Fund, as expected, provides financial support to the coalition of many human rights organizations ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, “Act now to stop war and end racism”). This organization began to organize protests against trump immediately after the elections, including in Chicago, new York, Washington and San Francisco.

ANSWER the organization of the Progress Unity Fund called “financial sponsor”. The group, in particular, is counting on financial support to the protests during the inauguration of the new President on January 20, 2017.

Shortly after the election, demonstrations and spontaneous protests were held in several districts of the United States. In new York thousands of protesters gathered in Manhattan and chanted the slogan: “Not our President!” Near Central Park and the Trump Tower skyscraper, was detained dozens of demonstrators.

In Portland protest the police described as riots. Protesters armed with stones from the construction site. They were breaking Windows of buildings and shop Windows, damaged cars, stop traffic, set fire to trash cans and threw in police various items.

In Chicago, about a thousand people staged a demonstration outside the Trump International Hotel, which is owned by the President-elect. They chanted “No to Trump! No Ku Klux Klan! No to racism in the United States!”

Protests were also held in Seattle (Washington), Los Angeles (California), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Portland (Oregon), Boston (Massachusetts), Austin (Texas) and other cities of the country.

Media reported on the financing of the protests against the trump’s charity Foundation 14.11.2016

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