The US President-elect Donald trump will assign a marine General retired James Mattis to the post of defense Minister, said on Friday newspaper the Washington Post. Mattis “famous” 10 years ago when upon returning from Iraq said that to shoot some people “fun”. In the army leadership later saidthat he learned from experience.

After WP on the upcoming appointment of Mattis, the head of the U.S. channel CNN. The Agency Reuters stated that its sources are unable to clarify the situation with the nomination. The representative of the transition team of the elected President Jason Miller after the unanimous media reports wrote on Twitter that the decision about the candidacy of the Minister of defence is still pending. The son Donald trump Jr. retweeted a link to an article about the upcoming appointment, draws the attention of the WP.

Mattis came in Bedminster November 17, and spoke with Donald trump
more than an hour. Following the meeting, the President-elect said that the General “brilliant
a fine man.” Subsequently, he also spoke positively about him
their Twitter account.

Mattis served in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, earned the nickname “Mad dog” for an uncompromising attitude to Islamic extremists, reminds “Interfax”.

The candidates for Ministers should be approved by the Senate – the upper chamber of the American Parliament. In the case of Mattis’ll need the additional permission of senators. The Washington Post indicatesthat the senators will have to cancel the restriction according to which to lead the Pentagon can only people that seven years were not in military service. Mattis retired in 2013.

The last time the American lawmakers made an exception for appointment to the post of Minister of defence, General George Marshall, and it was in 1950.

Media reported the appointment of retired General Mattis the head of the Pentagon at the trump 02.12.2016

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