Near the city of Mosul, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of the Iraqi military, which led the offensive on the city, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Kurdish Agency Firat.

According to the Agency, the attack occurred near the village of Bilavet in the area of giyar East of Mosul. It is assumed that the bomber was a militant of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG).

Recall, Mosul is under the control of ISIS since June 2014. Earlier, the UN warned that the humanitarian consequences of its release may affect up to 1.5 million people living in and around the city. Keep them hostage for more than six thousand militants. Radical Islamists believe the town his capital in Iraq.

Recently Iraq with the support of the coalition led by the United States, began to attack Mosul. According to preliminary data, the number of Iraqi units involved in the operation, more than 60 thousand people. Support of the air force of the international coalition of government aircraft and artillery.

Special envoy of the President of the United States in the coalition against ISIS Brett Mcguirk welcomed the start of the offensive and expressed their support to Iraq. “Al-Abadi ordered the liberation of Mosul from the darkness, two years hanging over the city. God help the heroes in the Iraqi armed forces, Shi’ite militia and Kurdish Peshmerga. We are proud to be with you in this historic operation,” he said.

Media reported the deaths of 70 of the Iraqi military in the attack of a suicide bomber under the Mosul 18.10.2016

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