Despite the fact that the version about explosion of a bomb on Board the A321 is becoming increasingly likely, Egypt continues to deny all the conclusions, calling them premature and groundless. As writes the American newspaper The New York Times, the fragile Egyptian economy too dependent on tourism, that the local authorities could just accept the fact in what direction the investigation of the tragedy.

As the main reason journalists remember another terrible plane crash in 1999. Then the aircraft company Egypt Air, bound from Los Angeles to Cairo crashed in the Atlantic ocean. All 217 people aboard were killed.

This tragedy occurred in international waters and the responsibility for the investigation rests on the Ministry of civil aviation of Egypt. Because the Agency did not have the necessary resources, it appealed to the American National Council for transport safety (NTSB). Experts from the US quickly established that the crash was deliberate: while the commander of the ship went to the restroom, co-pilot, several times praying to God, turned off the engine and turned steering wheel to the dive.

However, this assumption did not suit Egypt, as it is cast on Air, and then the state took the investigation into their own hands. Ultimately, the investigation of the crash led to two different conclusions: the Egyptian authorities declared that the cause of the accident was the aircraft control system. After almost 17 years the case had still not delivered.

Experts believe that such a scenario could be repeated in the case of the catastrophe of the Russian airliner. “I don’t think this time the investigation will be different from what we observed in 1999. Egyptian leaders are under pressure from the government, and in this respect since nothing has changed”, – said the publication of the former head of the NTSB, James Hall (James E. Hall).

This view is shared by famous Egyptian journalist Hani Shukrulla (Hani Shukrallah). In his opinion, the likelihood that the Egyptian authorities want to hide the fact of the attack (if he really was the place to be) is extremely high. “This can play a bad name with Egypt, after all, and have heard so much about the security measures at local airports,” added Shukrulla.

Russia stopped the civil air communication with Egypt

Amid reports of a possible bomb on Board the A321, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed a temporary ban on flights of Russian airlines in the Egypt. In the Kremlin explained that the decision was taken on the recommendations of the FSB, but stressed that bringing the explosive device is still only version.

Rosturizm at this time began the creation of a special headquarters for the organization of export of the Russian tourists from Egypt. This was reported TASS the head of Department Oleg Safonov. In his words, resorts that African States are now about 45 thousand people: about 60% in Hurghada and 40% in Sharm El-Sheikh.

According to the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, the number of citizens of the Russian Federation in Egypt, is superior to a mark in 50 thousand. “We have refined the data on the tourists who are in Egypt. More than 55 thousand for sure. This is a preliminary count. There are three major operator whose data we have. When we get them – I think that the total number of tourists will be about 70 thousand people”, – she explained.

As it became known later, the Russians, who soon will be returning from Egypt, will fly home with only carry-on baggage weight not exceeding 10 kg. of baggage for security purposes will be transported separately. According to the head of the transport Committee of the Association of tour operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin, a stepwise transportation of all passengers will need about one month and approximate number of flights will be about 300.

Meanwhile, in the Russian airports, where they began to cancel flights, started a stampede. In particular, the administration of Vnukovo airport have attracted additional forces of protection, because Egypt has not taken off fifteen hundred people, among them customers of UtAir, “Ural airlines”, “hay fly” and others. According to the channel LifeNews, several passengers at Vnukovo airport turned for help to doctors, they have high blood pressure due to stress. At the airport sent five ambulances.

In the Russian Union of travel industry said that the tour operators will have to pay the customers, were not included in the holiday, full payment for tours. Now the airplanes of Russian companies started to fly to Egypt empty to return the Russians who have appeared in this country, home.

Media: the Egyptian authorities may prevent the investigation of the crash A321 07.11.2015

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