American of Afghan origin Omar Martin, accused of shooting hundreds of people in a gay club in Orlando, twice visited the Holy Muslim places in Saudi Arabia, reports CNN Arabic, referring to the interior Ministry CA.

As journalists found out, the offender had twice been made a lesser pilgrimage to Mecca. In March 2011 he spent in Saudi Arabia 10 days, and in March 2012 – 8 days. According to others, at this time he was in the United Arab Emirates. While the Ministry of interior of Saudi Arabia, there is no evidence of any contact Matina with suspicious persons.

“I will die”: the Network has published the correspondence of one of the victims with mom
Shooting in Orlando to investigate under article “terrorism”
In Russia and the world paid tribute to the victims in Orlando

We also learned that Omar Matin attended the same mosque as Moner Mohammed Abu Salah, who in 2014 became the first suicide bomber of American origin who carried out the attack in Syria. Abu Sala drove a car filled with explosives into a squad of soldiers of the SAR. Killing a few soldiers and the terrorist. However, the direct connection of two criminals in the security services not found.

CNN also reports that the police found: Matin a few weeks before the massacre in Orlando was trying to buy himself an army flak jacket, but he didn’t sell. This means that he could be preparing an attack for quite a long time, according to investigators.

As reported by the Guardian, US intelligence twice interrogated Omar Matina in 2013 because of his allegations that he was familiar with the brothers Tsarnaev, exploded a bomb at the Boston marathon in 2013. But investigators came to the conclusion that his words about her meeting with the terrorists was a fiction, and therefore stopped the investigation against him.

Wife Matina Nur Zahi Salman told the police that her husband had recently considered the possibility of an attack on the club Pulse theme Park Walt Disney World in Orlando, according to People. According to journalists, in April 2016 a terrorist and his wife visited Disneyland. In this case, the entrance to the Park is no personal searches at the entrance.

Meanwhile, the information appeared that the father of the arrow is a fan of the radical movement Taliban. According to CBS, Seddik Mir Matin works as a leading on the Afghan satellite television channel in the United States and is a political transfer. In the program are often heard attacks against Pakistan, nationalist slogans and criticism of the Afghan authorities. June 13 father of the arrow posted a video in which he condemned the LGBT movement.

Hillary Clinton, candidate for President of the United States Democratic party, commented on the tragic events in Orlando, stating: the authorities must find a way to ensure the security of citizens, while preventing the demonization of American Muslims, according to Reuters.

“We should not resort to demonization, demagoguery, and may not declare war on an entire religion. This is very dangerous,” she said in an interview with MSNBC. Clinton also proposes to prohibit to carry arms to the people included in the “black list” of airlines, and to tighten restrictions on the acquisition of military weapons.

Rival Clinton in the presidential race, Donald trump has taken a tougher stance – he stands for the control of mosques, ban on entry of Muslims in the United States, as well as improving the work of the intelligence and security services. In an interview with CNN he said that we need to carefully study the life of the Muslim community, which, in his opinion, know exactly who is a terrorist.

Recall that the victims of the shooter in Orlando, Florida, began 49 people, and another 53 people were injured. A terrorist named Omar Matin, born in a family of immigrants from Afghanistan, was shot dead by the police during the storming of the building of a gay club Pulse.

Responsibility for the attack in Orlando took the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. Slaughterhouse in Orlando became the mass shooting in U.S. history and the deadliest terrorist attack since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

“I will die”: the Network has published the correspondence of one of the victims with mom

Authorities in Orlando published on the website of the city the names of 45 victims of the terrible massacre, which lasted several hours. The police did not dare to attack a gay club in which the shooter took hostage about 30 people and it cost the lives of many of them, for example, a 30-year-old Eddie Justice, who at the time of the attack managed to send his mother a few messages.

Their correspondence was published the magazine Slate. The first message was: “Mommy, I love you” and “I’m in the club, they shoot”. 2:07 he told her that locked in the toilet, and asked her to call the police. “I will die”, – he wrote in 2:08. 2:42 he said that there are a lot of wounded. “Still here in the bathroom. He captured us. They need to get us”, – he wrote in 2:46. At 2:50, according to Eddie, the terrorist was already in the toilet along with hostages. Last post mother he was sent at 2:51 answered “Yes” to her a clarifying question about whether a terrorist next to them.

Police tried to negotiate for one and a half hours. However, judging by those who remained in the club, the terrorist again started to shoot people. Only then it was decided to go on the assault. 5:35 the police announced that the shooter in the club Pulse is dead, reminds RIA “Novosti”.

Also, the Network published a video made of one of the victims of the tragedy in a nightclub in Orlando. At the end of the recording heard the first shots, after which the video ends.

Carefully, particularly impressionable people to watch is not recommended (18+)

According to the medical institutions, the condition of five injured is extremely serious. Twenty nine people injured during the terrorist attack in Orlando, remain in hospitals.

The largest Florida daily newspaper the Tampa Bay Times from official records and interviews with neighbors, colleagues, and friends of the family tried to compile a portrait of the terrorist Omar Matina. As noted by the “Open Russia”, to quote the article, years, he more and more distant from the world. Matin suffered a loss of work and marriage disintegrated, he had a young son. In recent years he became more devout, but he was wrong outbursts against gays, blacks, Jews and women.

For example, the ex-wife Matina Sitora Yusufi spoke about him as mentally unstable and aggressive person. And according to a former colleague, Matin often covered his head, and she took on the prayer Mat, but despite the obvious piety, he often swore and furious.

The Imam of the mosque, which went to 29-year-old killer, described him as an antisocial person who came to prayer three or four times a week. For him and members of his mosque Matin was a mystery, and the world, said Imam Shafiq Rahman.

Media: the gunslinger from Orlando twice made the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and were planning a terrorist attack in Disneyland 14.06.2016

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