Belarusian media reported that the security services Belgium check three citizens of Belarus on participation in terrorist actscommitted in the capital Brussels on Tuesday morning. On this edition an informed source.

According to the source, we are talking about brothers Alexey and Ivan Dovbush born in the Gomel region, as well as of Marat Junusova. According to Belarusian portal, the brothers are still children moved to Europe with his mother, who had married a Belgian. Alex and Ivan lived in Belgium since 2007. Marat Yunusov got the citizenship in 2008. All three of them accepted Islam.

As journalists found out, the brothers Dovbush recently lived in Belgium, and returned to the country in February 2016. The publication cites the words of one of the relatives of the brothers, who confirmed that Alexei Dovbysh “converted to Islam, wore a beard”. “I don’t understand why he took this decision. The family are all Orthodox. He is a very tall guy, was engaged in Boxing and participated in competitions,” said the source.

The head of the press service of the state security Committee of Belarus Dmitry Pomarin reported that brothers Dovbush and Marat Yunusov known to the KGB, which checks the information about their possible involvement in terrorist activities.

Earlier, the Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Igor Shunevich reported to the office known about ten Belarusians who went abroad to fight for terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, DAYSprohibited in Russia).

A senior member of the law enforcement bodies of Belarus also said the Agency Sputnik about possible involvement in terrorist attacks in Brussels three citizens of Belarus. According to the source, we are talking about Ivan and Alexei Dovbush, and the native of Dagestan Marat Yunusova, which several years ago received the citizenship of Belarus.

Radio “Freedom” associated with the brothers Dovbush, which after the adoption of Islam, as it turned out, name is Sulaiman and Khalid. Young people are denied involvement in the attacks. “These articles – another mindless tabloids and the poor journalists trying to get another “star”. We were assigned to suicide bombers, we are not looking for the police, no one even called. Is it not surprising?” said Suleiman Dovbush.

“Information from intelligence verified. In addition, police officers will not be difficult to check, I went to Syria or not. At the moment we have asked the intelligence agencies for clarification. There we were told that nothing of the kind unknown to them and against us they have nothing. And most importantly, if we suicide, why live now? If we were terrorists, why were we not arrested?” – said Suleiman.

Last week’s edition of LifeNews wrote that Russian special services allegedly received information about the preparation of terrorist acts on the territory of Belgium. It was noted that the alleged suicide bombers – Ivan and Alexei Dobashi – has joined the ranks of militants last year in Syria, where they received military training, and then left the EU.

“It is known that 27-year-old Alex Dovbish first converted to Islam and started hanging out with radicals. Under the influence of the older brother’s radicalism and became interested in his younger brother – 23-summer Ivan,” said the source LifeNews. The FSB has already transferred to the Belarusian colleagues for information on moving brothers Dovbush, claimed the publication, noting that it helps another native of Belarus Marat Yunusov. Orientation has already been sent to the Belgian secret services, the report said.

On Tuesday morning in Brussels on 22 March has thundered three explosions – two at the airport and one at the station “Maalbeek”, which is located near the institutions of the EU. The authorities acknowledged the bombings terrorist attacks. According to official data, as a result of two explosions at the airport killed 11 people and injured 81. The metro authorities of Brussels have reported 15 dead and 55 wounded. Reuters wrote about 34 dead.

We will remind, last week in a special operation in the Brussels district of Molenbeek was detained Salah Abdeslam, the suspect in the organization of terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.

Media: three citizens of Belarus checked for involvement in the terrorist attacks in Brussels 22.03.2016

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