The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called on the government to return to Lenfilm and film Studio. Gorky lost rights produced by their paintings, according to RBC. If the Cabinet approves the proposal, the oldest Russian konopelski can make use of rights from 200 million rubles annually.

In a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, seen by RBC, Medina requested to “Lenfilm” and Studio to them. Gorky’s exclusive economic and moral rights to all audiovisual works created on these sites until 2002.

The press service of the Ministry of culture, the authenticity of the letter and outlined proposals confirmed. As noted in the Department, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has instructed the Ministry of economic development “to study” until October 27 issue of the return of rights to minocycli.

In 2001, when the reorganization of the state film studios of the country all the exclusive rights on the created their audiovisual works have been transferred to the film archives goods, then the Federal state unitary enterprise “United state movie collection”. Currently, the rights owned by the Gosfilmofond of Russia. Only the cinema concern “Mosfilm” has managed to avoid restructuring and to retain the rights to the films.

The question of returning to the studios rights to the films were discussed with culture during a visit by President Vladimir Putin of “Lenfilm” on June 20.

Among the films “Lenfilm”, – this is known as “Chapaev”, “the lady with the dog”, “Striped flight”, “hamlet”, “the Chief of Chukotka” “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”. At the Studio im. Gorky was filmed “the Quiet don”, “Mother”, “Seventeen moments of spring”.

Approximately 1,700 paintings, produced at Lenfilm, 120-130 is in constant turnover in Federal and regional TV channels, told RBC source in the “thumbnail”.

If the movies are returned, an annual charge for the rights to the paintings can range from 200 million rubles a year. Return kinkaleri will allow studios to obtain a regular income from the commercial use of the film collection, will provide a “more stable financial and economic condition of film studios”, strengthen their material-technical base and enable it to develop the process of filmmaking at the expense of own sources of financing, noted in the Ministry of culture.

Medina asked the government to return to Lenfilm, and Gorky Studio the rights for the films 25.10.2016

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