The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky explained his point of view on the feat of 28 Panfilov during the great Patriotic war: in an article in “the Russian newspaper” he has managed without swearing and called a couple of names of those who, in his opinion, questioned the heroism of the Soviet people. The report of the Soviet Prosecutor’s office, traces the story of the 28 Panfilov with the appearance of the essay in the “red star” and calling it fiction, Medina explains “new wave of repression against the generals”.

Some discrepancies in the description of the feat of the Minister of culture explains the difficult working conditions of reporters: “the Soviet frontline correspondents had to work in a trendy open space with a Cup of cappuccino and the Internet, and in the midst of the bloody mess when the fate of the country hung in the balance…… Operational materials were taken not “from a ceiling”, and from reports, fragments of reports, exchange of remarks in the commander and staff huts huts”.

Medina cites a number of quotations testifying to the heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fought against the German tanks on the outskirts of Moscow. His conclusion about what is happening is: “the Most massive attacks were positions of the 4th company, led by political instructor Vasily G. Klochkova. This battle went down in history as the feat of 28 heroes of Panfilov at the junction Dubosekovo and became a symbol of mass heroism displayed by the soldiers of the Panfilov division. It remains (second half day) company Klochkova (number unknown) destroyed a large part of the 24 tanks. According to different versions to 18″. He is also a quote from one of the surviving fighters confirms that the pieces really spoke the words “nowhere to retreat behind Moscow”.

Next Medina, whose wonderful command of the Russian language celebrated in the Kremlin after a remark about “a washed-scum”, writes: “the Truth is that at the very moment when he fell, struck by a bullet or shrapnel, the first fighter, holding in his heart, as an example – as necessary to protect the Homeland, the feat of 28 Panfilov, the legend ceased to be a legend.”

Among the modern “subversives” of the feat of the Soviet people’s culture Minister calls journalist and military historian Mark Solonin and historian Andrei Zubov. “Don’t be naive, they are a fine settlement for proving the inconsistency of history 28, and feat Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, Alexander Matrosov, Nikolai Gastello, it is possible to question not only our propaganda during the great Patriotic war, but the whole point of the sacrificial struggle of the Soviet people for their Motherland”, – said the Minister.

Especially Medina resent the fact that “at the same mill” poured water some archivists – “do not understand that their opinion simply because the position is perceived by people as absolute truth.” Names he does not name, but, apparently, we are talking about the Director of the State archive of Russia, Professor Sergey Mironenko, who made public the report of the Chief military Prosecutor’s office from 1948, in which the feat was considered fiction.


Panfilovtsy – fighters 316th rifle division, participated in 1941 in the defense of Moscow. The most famous was 28 people. According to a widely accepted version, when the enemy’s advance on Moscow, they made a feat during a four-hour battle destroyed 18 enemy tanks. They all died. The phrase “Great Russia, and nowhere to retreat!”, prior to death allegedly said the political instructor Klochkov, was included in the Soviet school and University history textbooks.

About the deeds of heroes first reported by the newspaper “Red star” 1941 essay war correspondent Koroteeva. The article said that all the soldiers died. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of July 21, 1942 all 28 guards listed in the essay, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1997 in the journal “New world” was published article “a New Soviet heroes”, in which it was alleged that on may 10, 1948 the official version of the feat was examined by the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of the USSR recognized literary fiction. According to the Director of the State archive of Russia, Professor Sergey Mironenko, “28 Panfilov heroes, is one of the myths”.

Medina explained the feat of 28 Panfilov without swearing: “a nice legend ceased to be a legend” 06.10.2016

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