The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in anticipation of the opening in the eagle on Friday Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible attempted to justify the Russian Tsar, a temper which went down in history. The head of the Ministry of culture proposed to evaluate the performance of Ivan the terrible in comparison with his contemporaries, who ruled in the sixteenth century in Europe. In this approach, the Russian Tsar looks much less violent, Medinsky said, quoted by TASS.

“To compare Ivan the terrible have not mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi and his contemporaries who ruled at that time in France, in England, in the enlightened Europe. Charles IX is about 30 thousand cut Huguenots in a few days, mainly in Paris and other large cities of France,” said the Minister, noting that at the same time, on the orders of the Russian Tsar lost his life only 3-7 thousand people.

Friday at the eagle next to the Epiphany Cathedral held a solemn opening ceremony of the monument to Ivan the terrible. Initially, the monument to the king, who is considered the founder of the eagle, the authorities planned to open on 3 September, two days before the 450th anniversary of the city. However, on 18 June, the eagle was held a sanctioned rally against installation of a monument.

The demonstrators protested against the monument appeared in the protected zone of another monument of architecture – building of the theatre of children and young people “Free space”. Were collected over hundreds of signatures against the construction of the monument, about 500 more signatures activists gathered on a petition on the website Sapega.

Meanwhile, in August, the government stated that, according to the survey of 400 people conducted by specialists of Orel branch Ranhigs, the vast majority of the residents of eagle made for the installation in the city of a monument to Ivan the terrible. As previously reported by TASS first Deputy Governor of the region Alexander Budarin, more than 70% of those who heard about the plans to establish a monument, and called for its installation, with 70% of respondents agreed with the place originally selected for the monument – the building of children’s theatre “Free space”.

In early September the Factory regional court of the eagle has initiated proceedings in a lawsuit challenging the actions of the city administration and the mayor of the city for the installation of the monument in the protected zone of a monument of history and culture of Federal value “the building of the magistrate.” The court also banned the installation of a monument to the end of the trial. The next meeting is scheduled for October 21.

In the end, a monument to Ivan the terrible was installed on 3 October next to the Epiphany Cathedral.

Fortress Orel was founded in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible to protect the southern borders, this year is officially considered the founding date of the city, as evidenced by the entry of the event in the Nikon chronicle.

According to the historian Ruslana skrynnikova, analyzed the memorial lists (Synodikon), victims of repression during the reign of Ivan IV were about 4.5 thousand people. However, other historians, such as Vladimir Kobrin mentioned this figure is extremely low.

St. Bartholomew – the massacre of the Huguenots in France, hosted by Catholics on the night of 24 August 1572, the eve of St. Bartholomew’s day. According to various estimates, killed about 30 thousand people. Traditionally it is believed that the massacre was instigated by Catherine de Medici, mother of the French king Charles IX, under pressure from Italian advisers.

Vladimir Medinsky, known for his controversial statements on various topics. So, last time, he has repeatedly commented on the event times of the great Patriotic war is the feat of the Panfilov heroes, the authenticity of which is doubt by some experts, members of the public and the media. The Minister fiercely defends the hypothesis that about any fiction out of the question. Recently, Medinsky expressive called them “fucking scum” critics of Andrew Salope film “28 Panfilov”.

Last year culture Minister rashly called Sergei Dovlatov, who died in 1990, “a writer of the second half of the XIX century”, which caused a barrage of ridicule on the Internet.

In June 2014 the bloggers made a fool of Medina after he, reading a congratulatory message from Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening of the 36th Moscow international film festival (MIFF), failed the first time to read a number written in Roman numerals is XXXVI.

Medina proposed to evaluate the cruelty of Ivan the terrible according to a special scale 14.10.2016

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