The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky on the eve of consideration of the ambiguity of his doctoral dissertation in history, said that he hoped the quality of their work and the “wisdom of the dissertation Council”. The Minister said that applicants just “liked” his view is: “Any work is good in that case when it gives a different perspective on a particular issue.”

He stressed that the aim of his work was not receiving academic degrees, and the popularization of history, in particular his personal perspective on historical events, which made his work some call historical propaganda, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“I hope the quality of their work and wisdom of the dissertation Council… I always thought that any work is good in that case when it gives a different perspective on a particular problem. But there is in fact the applicant says that look he didn’t like this strange way to debate,” said Medina.

“In the opinion, not my opinion, but many professional
historians, scientists, members of the Waka, the question itself seems
phantasmagoric and brings us back to the best times of the Soviet Union,
when only a single view was considered correct, and all
the rest – bourgeois, revisionist, old-fashioned, cosmopolitan
and what else. I would very much like to see in the history of science
we would have sunk in those days. I say the job itself”, – said the Minister “Interfax”.

Medina added that he was invited to a meeting of the Council, but he will not be able to attend and sent a representative.

Minister of Medina graduated from the faculty of international journalism MGIMO in 1992. He defended two doctoral – scientists and history.

Medina thesis for a doctoral degree in history was called “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries”. It is dedicated to the notes of foreign travelers to Russia and became a continuation of a series of popular science books “Myths about Russia”. Directly critics have approached it published on the Internet part – dissertation abstract and Chapter III, which is devoted to allegations of falsification of the author’s “Notes on Muscovy”, the Austrian diplomat Sigismund von Herberstein. Medina’s work has been criticized by specialists for the “cave chronology and that it evaluates data in terms of their own views about the era and gives their subjective assessment for objectivism.”

The statement with the request to deprive the Medina for a degree filed in the Ministry of education three people, including the philologist Ivan Babitsky. He later told the details of when to be considered this appeal: 4 October meeting will be held at the Ural Federal University. Medina defended his thesis in 2011 at the Russian state social University (RSSU). Later the dissertation Council of the University was dissolved, and its rector Lidia Fedyakina was fired for plagiarism in his dissertation. That is why the issue will be considered in the UFD.

Medinsky said that writing a dissertation is not for a degree 01.10.2016

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