Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved a new list of essential drugs (EDL) in 2017. According to the health Ministry, the share of Russian drugs in it increased by 4%.

“I signed a government decree, which approves the list of vital and essential medicines for the next, 2017. It aims to control prices of drugs from this list to avoid any kind of speculation, and, of course, that these medications remain accessible for people” – leads TASS words of the Prime Minister at a meeting with his deputies.

Medvedev noted that recently the list of such drugs began to emerge more openly and with the participation of the professional community. In his opinion, now the Cabinet will better understand which medications are most in demand, what is the situation with prices on them and also how regions are provided one or another drug.

“The prices are generally on medications and health issues, according to polls, remain, can be one of the most significant topics in almost every Russian family,” said the Prime Minister.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister for social issues Olga Golodets drew attention to the fact that we changed the procedure to update the list. “Next year we are planning to make a new step at the request of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The list of vital and essential drugs would be approved more than once in a year as it does now, but with the emergence of new drugs,” she said.

According to her, the pharmaceutical company has now built a high speed to create and bring to market new drugs. “We expect to market serious drugs,” she added. In particular, the market should be a new cancer medication.

Overall, reported to the Vice-Premier, over the past two years the list of vital and essential medicines was significantly expanded, it included 96 new titles. “And all it contains 646 international non-proprietary names, it fully ensures the provision of pharmaceutical care”, she said.

Dmitry Medvedev said that the international nonproprietary names of medicines is essentially a chemical formula. “And drug names can be very different, because they are produced by different vendors and with some additives. In short, medicine will be more than chemical names,” he explained.

The share of Russian drugs in the essential drugs increased in the recent years, said Golodets. So, in 2016, this figure rose from 72 to 76.8%. As transfers RIA “Novosti”, the Deputy Prime Minister regarded it as evidence of the growth of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and import substitution program.

Earlier on December 29, the newspaper “Izvestia” published an interview with the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov, which touched on the situation with the Russian market of medicines.

The Minister assured that by 2018 the share of domestic drugs in the total number of drugs from the essential drugs list will reach 90%.

“We started this industry back in late 2007 and continued in 2009. According to the results of November this year we reached the figure of more than 76% according to the list of essential medicines of the Russian manufacture. More than 500 international non – proprietary names of pharmaceutical substances,” he explained.

The Federal target program “Development of pharmaceutical and medical industry in RF for period until 2020 and further perspective” was adopted in October 2010. Total funding for this program was planned in the amount of 188 billion rubles. As analysts remind, in 2009 the share of Russian drugs in the list was 22.6%.

Medvedev approved the new list of essential drugs and changed the procedure for its complement 29.12.2016

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