Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made religious objects in the rules of fire safety and, in particular, approved the rules for the use of the censer. The relevant resolution prepared by the emergencies Ministry of Russia, published on the website of the government.

The decree of 28 September 2017, “Rules of fire prevention regime in the Russian Federation” was supplemented by the section “Objects of religious significance”, which previously was not regulated fire safety requirements.

“This is necessary to ensure fire safety in the operation of religious facilities of various denominations, were considered features of the internal regulations of religious organizations, observed during worship services held”, – stated in the document.

“Kindled censer during the divine services can only be supplied on a non-combustible base in a special place decorated with non-combustible materials. The distance from the place of installation kindled censer to spaces and interiors, clothing and other items made from combustible materials must be not less than 0.5 meters,” – said in the ruling, agreed with the Interreligious Council of Russia.

In addition, the “supply of flammable liquids in the prayer hall should be not more than the daily requirement, but no more”, namely 20 liters for rooms decorated with non-combustible materials, five liters to the rest rooms. Do not store flammable liquids in rooms prayer rooms in glass containers. “Filling of combustible liquids in lamps and fixtures should be made from a closed unbreakable containers”, prescribes the document.

The document prohibits the installation of hangers parishioners and storage space for clothes “within easy reach (less than 1.5 meters) from the candle and open flames from stoves and hoods of the furnaces”.

Temporarily placed in the prayer hall combustible materials (ate, dry grass) must be at distance more than 1,5 meters from a source of open fire. The document allows for “the placement of grass on the square prayer hall on the feast of the Holy Trinity, not more than one day with a further replacement”.

The document takes into account that the Trinity in the Church to be hallowed grass and bouquets of branches. The floor of the Church littered with grass with wildflowers. Plants this day is considered special, a tuft of grass lifted from the Church floor, I advise you to bring home, dry and store icons. Parishioners are holding flowers, fragrant herbs and green branches, symbolizing renewal through the Holy Spirit descending.

Medvedev approved the rules for storage lit the censers and ustalania temples colors on Trinity 02.10.2017

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