Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declares that the operation of the Russian air and space forces in Syria is designed to protect against terrorism the people of Russia. Main goal – to “all ended peace talks”.

“We protect the Russian people from the threat of terrorism, because it is better to do it abroad than to fight terrorism within the country”, – quotes the statement of Prime Minister in interview to TV channel “Russia 24″ , the Agency “Interfax”.

“And we, unfortunately, have a very difficult experience combating terrorism in
the last 20 years,” he said.

“Of course, the main thing is that there (in Syria) all ended in peace
the negotiations to get the opposition and the authorities,
and that they develop their proposals about the future of Syria… it was the most peaceful
the Arab state I’ve ever seen, and now it’s the volcano,” – said the head of government.

In the civil war in Syria, which has been going on for four and a half years, involved multiple forces, each of which opposes the other. The government army Bashar al-Assad enjoys the support of Russia and Iran. The second party of the conflict – the armed opposition, which is supported by USA and Saudi Arabia. The third significant force over the past year, began the formation of ISIS, who control large territories in North-Eastern Syria and in Iraq.

The US and its allies conduct airstrikes on terrorist positions since August 2014. All, according to media reports, by mid-September were inflicted more than six thousand strikes. The military operation Russia began in Syria on 30 September and is limited to the operation against the opposition and ISIS.

Medvedev explained the bombing of Syria by the need to protect Russia 03.10.2015

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