Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev invited his Belarusian counterpart, Andrei Kobyakov after a personal meeting in Minsk to discuss outstanding issues in the economic relations between the two countries. The head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Belarus, in turn, acknowledged that there are a number of points for discussion which requires the participation of second officials, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We had a big event for the Eurasian Union, and now have the opportunity to hold bilateral event to talk about the current state of our relations, economic challenges, which exist in two States, to talk about the accumulated problems – they really are, and also talk about the prospects – they also have” – said Medvedev.

After a meeting with Kobyakov, the Prime Minister also suggested to plan for the future given the current socio-economic situation. “I am confident that with the mutual desire we can find a way out of the different situations faced by our country. I and my colleagues are ready to discuss all issues,” he added.

Prime Minister of Belarus, in turn, acknowledged that “there are a number of topical issues that we need to discuss.” “Our countries have traditionally mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation, but there are a number of points that have accumulated, and they require a certain participation on the level of Prime Ministers for their decision,” said Kobyakov.

On the eve of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich saidthat Belarus still has to transfer to Russia money for gas. “They are not listed because, as we agreed, this should be combined with the signing of agreements on some other topics. They have not yet signed, so the money is not listed. It is paired questions is simple,” he said.

Recall that after the global collapse of energy prices in Minsk called fair price supplied to Belarus the Russian gas in the amount of 73 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters (now the price for Belarus is 132 dollars). Negotiations are conducted since autumn of last year. Since January, Minsk began to pay for Russian gas deliveries in full, and Moscow later on the background of the gas dispute has cut supplies of oil to Belarus. Last time Belarus promised to transfer the amount of the debt for Russian gas on Friday, October 21.

On 10 October President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko saidthat Minsk and Moscow settled the issue in the sphere of energy supplies. In Minsk it was announced that Russia will restore the volumes of oil supplies to the Belarusian side, which are shorter since the beginning of this year, while Belarus will cancel the decision on increase of tariffs on oil transit.

The same day Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev saidthat the gas price for Belarus will remain at the same level, and that the rebates are not provided.

In July, Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the debt of Belarus for gas is $ 270 million. Minsk, the debt is not admitted, stating the unfairness of the contract price. Russia insisted that before the removal of differences payment can be made in existing conditions.

This summer, Russia cut oil supplies to Belarus in the third quarter by 2 million tons compared to the previously planned volume. According to Alexander Novak, the vacant volume of oil was exported to far abroad “for the purposes of filling the budget of the Russian Federation, as oil supplies to Belarus are carried out on a duty free basis”.

Medvedev invited the authorities of Belarus to discuss “the problems” in relations of Moscow and Minsk 28.10.2016

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