Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev agreed with the criticism of the public administration system in Russia. According to him, the state machine is really sluggish, and its efficiency is quite low, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“The state machine is really slow, and had the features of the transition period, so to speak, and retains part of the Soviet management arrangements and some transitional features, which were formed in 90-e years, and our latest innovations. I must say that its efficiency remains low. In a country like ours, with such different regions, with such a multistage system of governance, public administration needs to be much better quality,” – said Medvedev, speaking at the International investment forum in Sochi.

“In this regard, any upper limit of professional responsibility does not exist, every bad, poor or slow decision are the people, their destinies, their lives. Whether it is about opening a new business or just about the results some basic information about the adoption of new laws or the elementary permission to redevelop the apartment. We are all well aware,” – said the Russian Prime Minister.

“That is why today we, not without difficulty, not without problems, trying to move from a management model “in order to control the results. That is, to design campaign”, – stressed the head of government

The design approach, according to Medvedeva based on efficiency, as each budget ruble invested in specific projects, should improve the quality of services, goods and infrastructure, and every legislative act must give a specific result.

“The strategy for creation of a qualitatively different environment in our country will be provided with state support at all levels. But it’s not just about money. We need to provide a clear implementation of all decisions taken in each region”, – assured Medvedev.

Later on Friday, the head of the Center for strategic research, former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin supported the Prime Minister. “I would start from the words of Dmitry Medvedev that the system of government is cumbersome and inefficient. Another point – we should move away from control orders to a more systematic situation,” Kudrin said.

By estimates of Kudrin, earlier during the same event offered to refuse to perform part of the “may decrees” Putin, if within two years to implement a system of project management in the country, the number of orders will decrease by 25%, and subsequently, with the increase of quality of public administration, this figure could be reduced by 50% in five years.

According to the head of CSR, it is necessary first of all to focus on those goals and objectives, which are defined as strategic, departments and ministries must regularly consult in the course of the implementation of those goals and objectives. This system can give a serious positive result in the public administration, Kudrin is sure.

“I think that this system will give significant result, but only the implementation itself, only when we understand that this is how it works, and not otherwise, twenty per cent our efficiency starts to increase. I think that to implement this system it is possible for one and a half-two years”, – said Kudrin.

Medvedev lamented the “slow state machine 30.09.2016

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