Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has suggested deputies-“United Russia” to refuse compensation on the wages due to early termination of their powers in connection with the upcoming elections – the so-called “Golden parachutes”that MPs have registered themselves due to the postponement of the elections from December to September.

Speaking at the party Congress, Medvedev said: “I Think that deputies of the State Duma from “United Russia” must not stand aside. And could refuse compensation on a salary in connection with the early termination of his powers due to the postponement of the elections”.

He noted that some deputies wanted to consolidate this initiative at the legislative level. “But nobody forbids members of the State Duma to take such a decision independently,” he said. The amendment on the resignation offered in the liberal democratic party, but a Parliament in which the majority belongs to United Russia, did not consider this initiative.

The constitutional court in record time considered the request of the Federation Council on the legality of the postponement of the elections to the state Duma of the Russian Federation from December 2016 to September. According to the judges, the postponement of elections in the Duma for a single day of voting can lead to positive results: increased voter turnout, as well as savings budget. However, the content of the MPs will require huge expenditure. According to the law, until December 4, 2016 for nepereinami in September deputies saved salaries, parliamentary immunity, housing and social insurance.

The Cabinet had previously stated that he is ready to allocate additional funds from the budget for this legislative initiative. According to the head of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Pligin, the maximum amount of compensation nepareizais members to postpone the election could exceed 700 million rubles. The financing for the state Duma in 2016 has been increased by 3 billion rubles, and the media linked it in the first place with the payment of “Golden parachutes” non-elected deputies.

Medvedev proposed to United Russia to abandon the “Golden parachutes” in connection with the early elections to the state Duma 06.02.2016

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