Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the modernization of the system of subsidies to regions from the Federal budget – this should help to reduce the regional budgets during the crisis. The Prime Minister has promised to leave to the regions the entire increase collection of income tax compared to the previous year.

Prime Minister took part in session of Presidium of the Council for strategic development and priorities. “We at the Federal budget will provide additional support to the poorest regions and, of course, at the same time will modernise the system of grants”, – Medvedev. According to him, “getting them will be quite specific on certain conditions, primarily the development of economic and tax potential of the region, to reduce the budget deficit, reduce the debt burden”.

The Prime Minister said that “those regions that will have additional growth will be encouraged with special grants.” Medvedev added that “these ideas already prepared.” “The Federal resources that could be further for this purpose (priority projects) to spend not a lot, especially the resources of the regions are very different,” said the Prime Minister. However, he believes that co-financing should try to ensure, to thoroughly deal with cost optimization, mobilization of revenue.” “How to do it – you decide” – quoted the Prime Minister TASS.

In his view, this can be done using the existing system of privileges on regional taxes and charges”.

The Prime Minister said that the government will continue to replace the market commitment of the regions cheaper budget loans. For the low availability of the subjects will be asked to roll over loans extended through the Federal budget.

Medvedev also proposed a new approach on the part of the income tax, which shall be credited to the Federal budget. If the proceeds increase in comparison with the previous period (compared to the previous year), this increase remains a subject. “It is some measure of support, they really have already been formed, but has not yet decorated, – concluded the head of government. I hope that this assistance will create a greater effect, and you are all actively involved in project activities.

In the Moscow region have estimated losses

The budget of the Moscow region will lose about 6 billion rubles as a result of redistribution of income among regions proposed by the Ministry of Finance. This was reported in an interview with TASS, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov at the forum “Sochi-2016″.

“How can I relate? This, of course, reduce our investment opportunities, on the one hand, on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is also not a good life make. I believe that there were alternative ways of solving problems other areas, but this decision, and we will act accordingly,” he said.

Vorobyov said that he sees other ways of replenishment of a profitable part of regional budgets, including the fight against arrears of taxes on property and transport, the debts that the country has reached hundreds of billions of rubles.

Medvedev spoke about the money for poor regions: they will help grants and more affluent region 01.10.2016

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