Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on a three-day
visit to Israel, on Thursday, November 10, visited in Jerusalem the Wall
weeping – the main sacred object of the Jews and a place of pilgrimage – accompanied by
chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Rabbi of Western Wall Shmuel
Rabinovich, Israeli reports 9

Medvedev touched the Wailing Wall – part of ancient walls around
the Western side of the Temple mount in the Old city, after surviving
the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in the year 70 of our era, and visited the Temple
Of the Holy sepulchre, according to legend, built on the burial place of Jesus

On the morning of the same day he met with President Reuven
With Rivlin. As informs NEWSru
, during the meeting, Rivlin said that “Russia has always
played an important role in what is happening in the middle East and now this
the role is particularly important. “Your visit gives us the opportunity to discuss
dramatically for both countries the questions on the background of 25 years of friendship
relations between Israel and Russia.”

“Between the two countries an atmosphere of strong friendship. We are facing
common tasks that require cooperation and joint
actions”, – said the Russian Prime Minister.

Medvedev also met with the leader of the parliamentary opposition
By Yitzhak Herzog and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Medvedev wants “to push stronger economic and investment cooperation” with Israel

Following the talks, Netanyahu Medvedev said that Russia is interested in enhancing cooperation with Israel in the field of innovation and agriculture: “We are interested not just in the increase in trade that we have recently podnyalsya, we are interested that our relations have acquired a qualitatively different nature. We would like this cooperation, including through the documents we signed” (quoted by TASS).

Responding to the words of Benjamin Netanyahu that in the development of economic relations of Russia and Israel’s 2:1, Medvedev said that “while the score is 0-0″. “We still haven’t done anything to push stronger economic and investment cooperation, he explained. And for that, we met today, and it was signed the documents that colleagues are holding”.

The Russian Prime Minister gave some examples. “Here – agriculture: Russia has unique conditions for conducting agricultural business, and Israel is a great technology. If you string together these approaches, it is possible to obtain an outstanding result not only to each other to provide food, but also to enter the markets of third countries”, – said Medvedev.

Another promising direction, the Prime Minister called innovation. “Israel, of course, very advanced in this direction the state,” he said. Medvedev expressed hope that cooperation in this sphere will continue. “But it should not be just an exchange of ideas, and it should be a commercial breakthrough ideas, that is, you need to ensure that these ideas are allowed to earn money,” – said the Russian Prime Minister.

Medvedev expressed hope that the common cultural basis that have the peoples of the two countries, will help to move forward in addressing this issue. He noted the increase in the mutual tourist flow. According to him, last year, Israel was visited by about 300 thousand Russian tourists. The Prime Minister shared his memories that when he first visited Israel in 1992, the number of people visiting the country are measured in units.

Moscow is ready to facilitate talks with Netanyahu, head of the Palestinian authority

Tomorrow morning the Prime Minister of Russia will visit the memorial complex “Yad Vashem”
in Jerusalem, then go to the partially recognized a Palestinian
autonomy, where he will hold talks with its Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

For this reason, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at a briefing in Moscow said that Moscow remains ready to facilitate direct talks Netanyahu and President of the Palestinian national authority.

“Any steps the purpose and results of which will be progress towards a peaceful settlement, we welcome and are ready to support them – quoted Zakharov “Interfax”. – This concept was and remains valid. If this could encourage the starting or restarting of the negotiation process, we are always ready to offer the necessary assistance”.

Recall that in late October, scientists raised
a marble slab set in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre erected
at the place of burial of Jesus Christ, the Edicule and found
under two marble slabs, and a layer of stone fragments intact
a bed of limestone.

Medvedev touched the wailing Wall in Jerusalem 10.11.2016

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