The Vice-President of the party PARNAS Ilya Yashin said that his meeting with voters in Kostroma tore provocateurs. In his Twitter the opposition leader accused of organizing fights the party “United Russia” and complained that local police do not pay attention to the provocateurs.

“My meetings began to pluck by force. Come provocateurs and staged fights with volunteers. Just smashed face Mikhail Konev,” wrote Yashin.

According to him, “provocateurs ride groups on machines with Moscow numbers”. “They climb into the fray, scattering grandmothers. The police silently watching from the side. I believe that the attack on the volunteers PARNASSUS is the party “United Russia”. Headquarters edrosov waging against us is actually fighting,” added Yashin.

In the microblog Yashin has published photos of some young people who had disrupted his meetings with voters. At the same time, opposition leader Alexei Navalny saidthat the same people went after him at every meeting. “But then they team attack was not only screaming,” said blogger.

Here’s a Nashi-provocateurs who try to disrupt my meetings with voters and attacking volunteers

Ilya Yashin (@IlyaYashin) 8 September 2015

Also Deputy Chairman of the party PARNAS said: “Demand from the Prosecutor’s office to immediately intervene and ensure the right PARNASSUS on the conduct of legitimate campaigning in the Kostroma region”. United Russia has not commented on the charges Ilya Yashin.

Activist Mikhail Konev the attackers struck on the head. The paramedics put the victim the diagnosis “closed cranial-a brain trauma”, wrote a member of the Parnassus in his microblog. Some media initially reported that Konev broke his nose. Later the activist denied this information: “I Want to clarify that my nose does not smash – hit in the back of the head. A nosebleed from high blood pressure, the effects of a concussion”.

In addition, the provocateurs attacked on the activist Theodore Gorozanka, dislocating his wrist. The victim claims that the same people have tried to disrupt the meeting of the members of Parnassus with voters the day before.

Activist Dmitry Tarasov complained to Twitter to inaction of the police during the attack. In turn, Konev said that he refused to remove a beating. “The Department of forensic refuses to remove a beating, and they said: “Over the working day”. Near police throw up their hands,” wrote an activist in the microblog. At the same time one of the attackers still managed to pass a COP.

Later in the Internet appeared the video, entitled “Instruction provocateurs in Kostroma”, where you can see and hear the young people are instructed on what questions to ask in meetings with Ilya Yashin.

“Secretly captured video with instruction provocateurs, to thwart the meeting Ilya Yashin with voters in Kostroma”, – stated in the description of the video.

Meeting Yashin with voters already frustrated

Prior to this meeting Yashin with voters already frustrated. August 26, during the communication with the people of the oppositionist was detained Kostroma police. In a press-service of the Kostroma regional Department of the Ministry of interior later said that Yashin was arrested after complaints of loud sound. “He held a campaign event with the use of amplifying equipment. The police asked citizens with complaints of a loud sound,” – said the representative office. On the same day, Yashin was released from the Department.

In late August, Alexei Navalny arguedthat the Kostroma branch of the party “Yabloko” will prevent agitation of Parnassus. “Local “Apple” bought local oligarch who had just emerged from the “United Russia”, and it will devote its campaign to urinating on our money this oligarch” – said the opposition leader. In response, the office of the party “Yabloko” in Kostroma has addressed in court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity, demanding refutation of the words of the opposition in his blog.

PARNASSUS is part of the so-called Democratic coalition, which unites it with other political forces, including devoid of registering the progress Party Alexei Navalny. The representatives of Demolitio put forward candidates for the elections to the legislatures in several regions of the country – in Novosibirsk, Magadan, Kaluga and Kostroma regions. In the Magadan region, as in Novosibirsk, the list was removed because of a large number of invalid signatures, and in Kaluga themselves representatives of the coalition took the decision to withdraw from the election.

On the eve of Russia’s Supreme court dismissed the appeal of Parnassus on the decision of the Novosibirsk regional court upheld the refusal to register the party list on elections in the Novosibirsk region.

In the end, made before the election of their candidates only in the Kostroma region. The head of the Kostroma electoral headquarters of Andrei Pivovarov was arrested and is in jail. In addition, suddenly among registered party was with a very similar name – PARSES.

The political power of the RPR-PARNAS was created in the summer of 2012 by joining the Republican party of Russia and the Party of people’s freedom “For Russia without arbitrariness and corruption”. Its founders were Mikhail Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov and the late Boris Nemtsov. This year the party was renamed just in PARNASSUS.

Meeting Yashin with voters in Kostroma tore provocateurs attacking activists 09.09.2015

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