Day may 19, users of MegaFon in Moscow and large cities of the Volga region have experienced serious problems with communication: they could not get through to the desired subscriber. The evening was named the cause of the failure, which the company called “one of the largest accidents in the history”: challenges with the software. And only in the late evening the company was able to fully restore the network.

As the Director for public relations “the Megaphone” Peter Lidov in the Telegram, the problems arose because “mistakes software software” installed on the data processing system of the company. “A failure led to the fact that there is a constant load on the system, and as a result the system can not stand” – he explained.

Programmers Hewlett-Packard, which developed the software for “Megaphone”, are now trying to create a “system” problem, which arose from the communication of the company. “We are waiting for the decision and are with them in constant contact with the work,” said Lidov.

Engineers of “MegaFon” are doing that redistribute the load from broken systems working. According to the company, the relationship is partially restored, but “problems with the dialer remain.” “We have this problem we will solve, in this no doubt. Hope to do it within a few hours,” said Lidov.

Previously, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reportedthat the crash MegaFon has occurred in the system HLR (Home Location Register) is a hardware – software complex, which is responsible for registering subscribers in a network. HLR maintains the operation of 2G and 3G networks and is a great base for storing subscriber data in case of malfunctions in this complex the base station will not be able to find SIM card number and it will not work, including in roaming. Prior to this Network there are different versions of failure from virus attack WannaCry to testing equipment for the implementation of “Spring package”, but in “the Megaphone” has denied this information.

Fault messages appeared on the operator’s customers at about 12:00 Moscow time. Complained users in Moscow and the Moscow region, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ryazan and other regions. Without voice remained subscribers of Yota, a subsidiary of MegaFon, whose networks operator works. Due to a failure of “MegaFon” had problems with the taxi service Gettaxi, Uber and “Yandex.Taxi”. Late in the evening in the “MegaFon” reported that the network in Moscow and the Volga region fully restored.

MegaFon has failed software. Programmers HP are trying to invent “system solution” problems 20.05.2017

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