Prime Minister Theresa may has confirmed it has no plans to resign and intends to remain head of government after the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. She stated this on Thursday during his visit to Japan. In the British media for several days, rumors that she might resign as party leader before the next election.

Mei denies it. “I’m not a person that easily gives up, – quotes it Reuters. – Yes, I’m here for the long term. What me and my government, concerns not only the implementation of Brexit, but also in achieving a better future for Britain”. So she answered the question of the air force about whether it intends to participate in the next parliamentary elections.

On 27 August, the Prime Minister’s office also denied reports in the local press about the intention of the current head of government to resign in 2019, reminds TASS.

Previously, the newspaper the Daily Mirror, citing an anonymous parliamentarian from the Conservative party announced that Mei was invited to the country residence of Chequers, a group of 15 politicians-Tory, where he allegedly informed them about the intention to resign as party leader and Prime Minister 30 Aug 2019. This strategy, as certified sources of the tabloid, will help Mae to ensure that she soon will not face intra-party competition for leadership and in a relaxed atmosphere will bring the country before the scheduled end of March 2019 formal exit from the European Union.

The next parliamentary elections should take place no later than 2022. Previous elections may have spent ahead of schedule, hoping to increase his party’s mission. However, the results of the election resulted in the Conservative party’s loss of parliamentary majority, and their main rivals, the labour party, on the contrary, the strengthening of political positions. After the media began to appear more and more materials on the resumption of the covert struggle for leadership in the ranks of the Conservative party.

Mei said that is not going to resign after Brexit 02.09.2017

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