In Samara, the member of the precinct election Commission Natalia Baranova said to the Prosecutor that under the pressure of signed blank protocols of the voting results – that is, participated in the rigged elections on September 18.

“In a nutshell, the violations were the following: physically, the ballots from the boxes and bins have not been restated. Just pretended to flip through the paper. As required by law, to calculate, to check, to make… And only that one shift, all this in principle was not” – said a member of the precinct election Commission N2902 voting Agency “Svobodnye Novosti”.

“But the camcorder worked from eight in the morning until the time of delivery of the protocols to the TEC. And in my surrender I push it at this: all my words are confirmed by the video. The counting of votes did not exist in principle. Well, there’s still some small additional violations,” – said Baranov.

Less than half of Russians said honest the September elections to the state Duma

As it became known publication, the Prosecutor’s office forwarded the statement Baranova in regional management of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation. Wednesday, October 5, PEC member already invited for questioning.

Asked by reporters about why she decided to sign a blank protocols, without counting, Baranova said that she was pressured by the Chairman of the PEC. Name she is not named, but on the website of the Electoral Commission of the Samara region stated that the head of the PEC N2902 is Vladimir Chelnokov.

Natalia Baranova added that he wants to know the real results for the week, as even at her estimated turnout was much lower than indicated in the protocols. According to her, the minutes indicated “unnaturally large numbers for the candidate from “United Russia”, which before the election nobody knew.”

Live radio “Echo of Moscow” in Samara Natalia Baranova said that on the weekend, where she worked on election day, counting of ballots was not conducted at all. “And even the number of voters which were also not counted. The Protocol was already filled. I know that all these figures are bogus. Physically, the ballots were not considered,” she said.

According to Baranova, 22 September, she appealed to the election Committee, but received no response. After that, the woman filed a statement to the investigative Department of Lenin district, but the reaction is also followed. Baranov then asked the Prosecutor.

According to the “Free news”, Natalya Baranova is not the first time into the centre of press attention in connection with the election. So, on elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 2012, Baranov as the member wick from the Communist party and member of the PEC Lyudmila Marchenko was forcibly taken from the premises of the Commission by the police. Baranov wrote a statement on the matter to law enforcement, but in the end the court came to the conclusion that the guards acted within the law.

According to the Samara regional election Committee, on elections to the PEC N2902 18 Sep came 846 registered voters from 2421. Forty ballots were invalid, outside the premises of the PEC voted 24.

According to the results of elections to the state Duma in single-mandate electoral district at the PEC won the candidate from “ER” Nadezhda Kolesnikova, received 347 votes. Second place was taken by a member of the Communist party Mikhail Matveev. At the Federal constituency at the weekend won the “United Russia” (43,49% of the votes), the second from 18.87% was the Communist party.

According to article 142.1 of the Criminal code, for falsification of results of voting is threatened by punishment up to deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years.

Member of the election Commission in Samara said to the Prosecutor that he participated in election fraud 05.10.2016

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