Human rights society “memorial” included in the register of noncommercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent. This was reported on the website of the organization.

“Today, October 4, we learned that the Ministry of justice has decided that the International historical-educational, charitable and human rights society “memorial” should be included in the registry of “organizations performing functions of a foreign agent”, – stated in the message.

Information on the recognition of Memorial as a “foreign agent” was confirmed by the head of educational programs of the organization Irina Shcherbakova. “We are charged with the criticism of the law on “foreign agents” with which the “international memorial” a lot of speaking, criticism the announcement of the Sakharov centre a ‘foreign agent’, a statement on the occasion of the murder, and that responsibility for it lies with the government, our statement regarding the events in the East of Ukraine in 2014″, – she said to the Internet portal “Medusa”.

Previously, the status of infoagent” received one of the largest sociological services of Russia “Levada-Center”.

Shortly thereafter, in the “Memorial” statedthat the Ministry of justice at the request of the Prosecutor General’s office began an unscheduled inspection of the activities of the human rights society to identify in its activity of signs of a foreign agent. It was reported that the test results will be known on September 30.

“Memorial” is a non – governmental organization whose main goal was originally the study of political repressions in the USSR. In 2014, the center published a list of political prisoners in Russia, which included dozens of Russians. This summer “memorial” reported about the creation of the largest database of security officers involved in the repression of the 1930-ies.

The law on NGOs acting as “foreign agents” was adopted in the summer of 2012. To the “foreign agents”, he relates the organization first engaged in political activity, and secondly that receive funding from abroad. In this case, the organization is considered a “foreign agent” and be entered in a special register. Its operations are subject to a number of additional obligations, such as accompany all of their materials in the media status information.

In early June of 2014 was signed into law on compulsory inclusion in the register. According to the document, the Ministry of justice may force the inclusion in the registry of NCOs – “foreign agents” of the organization, which are in fact established, but has not filed a statement. The decision can be appealed in court.

“Memorial” reported on the inclusion of the organization in the registry of foreign agents 04.10.2016

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